Avid VENUE | Dugan VN16 Option Card


Add automixing capabilities to your SC48, Profile, D-Show, or Mix Rack system. With the Dugan-VN16 Option Card you can easily mix perfectly balanced speech and dialog across multiple live mics. The card automatically detects active mics and adjusts volumes accordingly, minimizing feedback, comb filtering, and background noise.

Unlike a noise gate, which can introduce distracting sonic artifacts, the Dugan-VN16 dynamically adapts to the room environment. It turns up mics as people speak and turns them down when they aren’t. And it transparently cross-fades channels to maintain consistent system gain. The result—you get high-quality mixes with great clarity. Without having to ride faders or intently follow the conversation.


  • Legendary automixing
  • Stress-free mixing
  • Ideal for live dialog
  • Great flexibility
  • Streamlined integration
  • Completely scalable
  • Easy control
  • Integrate Dan Dugan’s patented technology into your Avid VENUE system and manage and automate the mixing of up to 16 open mics with ease

  • Never miss a cue or be late on a fade-up again, as the card automatically controls multiple mic levels, presenting the highest quality sound possible

  • Whether mixing a newscast, panel discussion, theater performance, or reality show, the card does the mixing for you so you won’t need to pay attention to who's speaking

  • Switch modes to employ 16 channels of automixing, eight channels of automixing and eight channels of ADAT I/O, or 16 channels of ADAT I/O

  • No need for a separate device—just install the card into any SC48 console, FOH Rack, or Mix Rack. It's the most streamlined way of bringing automixing to Avid VENUE

  • Expand your system to handle up to 128 live mics by connecting additional outboard Dugan automatic mixers to the card

  • Configure settings and mix remotely using the included Dugan Control Panel software, or use the Dugan Control Panel for iPad (sold separately)

System requirements

The Dugan-VN16 can be installed in the following Avid VENUE systems and components1
FOH Rack—installs in the IOx card expansion slot2
Mix Rack—installs in Slot E3
SC48—installs in Slot E4
SC48 Remote—installs in Slot E4
Avid VENUE 3 or higher software

  1. Only one Dugan-VN16 card can be used in a Avid VENUE system. However, you can connect additional outboard Dugan automatic mic mixers to the card (using the ADAT connectors) to support up to 128 live mics (with eight total Dugan units in a single optical ring network).
  2. You cannot use an IOx Option Card when the Dugan-VN16 card is installed.
  3. You cannot use an IOx Option Card or any other Slot E option card when the Dugan-VN16 card is installed.
  4. You cannot use an IO16 Option Card or any other Slot E option card when the Dugan-VN16 card is installed.

* Please note that the Dugan-VN16 Option Card is not currently certified for sale in Korea.


16 channels of Dugan mixing (ADAT connectors link multiple Dugan units) 
8 channels of Dugan mixing and 8 channels of general purpose ADAT I/O 
IO 16
16 channels of general purpose ADAT I/O
Digital I/O
ADAT optical, 24-bit, 48 kHz (Shared and IO 16 modes only) 
Gain Unity 
Audio latency
2 ms 
Up to eight Dugan units may be linked in an optical ring network 
10/100 Base-T
Word Clock output
Linking and digital I/O 
ADAT optical (Audio 1–8, Audio 9–16) 

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