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Avid Value Assessment for Interplay | MAM

Get the most out of your investment

Whether you’re upgrading from a previous version of Interplay | MAM, switching from a competitor’s offering, or considering a new Interplay | MAM solution, you need to understand all the options available. Our depth of knowledge and expertise in planning, designing, and delivering Interplay | MAM solutions is unsurpassed. When you choose our Avid Value Assessment for Interplay | MAM package, our team will conduct a series of collected meetings and workshops to understand your current operations and requirements for Interplay | MAM. The final report will help you understand how to prepare for Interplay | MAM, in terms of necessary infrastructure or operational preparedness.

You’ll receive a professionally packaged report containing:

  • Avid’s findings and recommendations for Interplay | MAM to be deployed
  • Analysis of current workflow
  • Recommendations on how Interplay | MAM can improve efficiency and productivity
  • Technical and infrastructure requirements for deploying and optimizing Interplay | MAM

Health Check

Improve system performance

When your systems aren’t performing as well as they should, it could signal further trouble down the road. With the Health Check service package (previously only available to Avid Advantage support plan members), our experts work with you at your facility or remotely to perform a core audit of your main production system, system servers, indexers, and client workstations at a single location. They then analyze your logs and work processes and deliver recommendations to improve your overall performance and reduce downtime.

You’ll receive a professionally packaged report containing:

  • All reported errors and issues, which may include info about memory failures, data replication problems, timeouts, disconnects, failovers, and time sync issues across workgroup components, with possible causes listed
  • Recommended best practices and maintenance procedures to be followed to improve system performance and reliability

MAM Health Check

Protect your investment

To keep your MAM system performing at its full potential, it’s critical to identify potential issues and problems that that could take your system off-line. With the MAM Health Check service package, our engineers will partner with you to undertake the analysis of the MAM system at each unique site. By analyzing your system configuration, system logs, and operating processes, we will help you understand how the system is currently performing—versus how it could optimally perform within your operation.

You will receive a professionally packaged report containing:

  • All reported errors and issues, which may include info about memory failures, data replication problems, timeouts, disconnects, failovers, and time sync issues across workgroup components, with possible causes listed
  • Recommended best practices and maintenance procedures to be followed to improve system performance and reliability
  • Recommendations for configuration changes and necessary upgrades to the MAM system to maintain optimal performance within your operation

Media | Distribute for Social Platforms

Maximize platform connectivity

To ensure the potential for monetizing your assets, it is essential to create and publish content across a variety of formats and platforms, including social media. With the Media | Distribute for Social Platforms service package, our specialists will work with your content creators to understand how they use social media, help them define templates for direct connectivity to social media platforms, and provide the tools and skills to be able to further define unique social media connectivity.

You’ll receive a professionally packaged report containing:

  • An analysis of current and future usage of creating content and publishing for social media platforms
  • A plan and budget for Avid Labs to carry out the development of templates to allow specific publication to social media
  • A training plan for content creators and publishers in the use and development of bespoke Media | Distribute templates for your social media requirements

Network Readiness Assessment

Optimize your network

When your studio relies heavily on content and media that’s spread across numerous workstations, servers, storage drives, and other devices—on site and even in remote facilities—your network can make or break your overall efficiency. With the Network Readiness Assessment service package, our network specialists work with you to evaluate your company’s production network infrastructure and identify any gaps and challenges you face. After analysis, you’ll receive recommendations to create an optimized network, with the scalability you need for growth.

You’ll receive a professionally packaged report containing:

  • Your company’s current infrastructure status, including network topology analysis, production IP bandwidth analysis, media capabilities, and pain points
  • Avid’s evaluation of your company’s network, including a system weaknesses and vulnerabilities report with recommendations, IP bandwidth considerations for future growth, and 4K resolution considerations

Pre-Config and Staging for Broadcast

Implement new systems with confidence

When it comes to implementing new systems and infrastructure, you need to move quickly and ensure minimal downtime. Our Pre-Config and Staging for Broadcast package gives you the option to pre-build and test key new Avid solutions in a secure, purpose-built environment at our Dublin, Ireland facility. The Avid project team will configure the system optimally and prepare it for seamless deployment. Once the test results are analyzed and approved, our specialists will disassemble the system and ship to your site—where the same team will prepare and re-assemble the solution.

What’s included in the package?

  • All man hours required for building and testing a single typical node or occurrence of a distributed system (e.g. one Avid Interplay | Production system connected to one Avid ISIS storage system)
  • A full report written by the Avid Project Manager with input from the Avid project team and Dublin-based specialist team
  • A full analysis of the tests carried out and their implications for the installation of the designed solution at the customer site
  • Any recommended changes to the design
  • Recommendations for on-site installation and any revisions to workflow or operations

Sandbox Environment Setup

Ensure system continuity

To ensure the stability of your system, it is critical to test any new patch, upgrade, or configuration change first on an isolated system. With the Sandbox Environment Setup service package, our engineers will set up a hardware and software testing environment that is isolated from the production environment.

Our professional consultants will help you with the following services:


  • Provide requirements for hardware and software specifications for the sandbox system based on your workflows and integration points with other applications


  • Setup / Commissioning: Install, configure and deploy Avid software
  • Connect to third party applications (HSM, Transcode, and others) and Storage (SAN, NAS, and more)
  • Testing according to customer workflows

Virtualization Technical Assessment for Interplay | MAM and Interplay | Production

Minimize cost and overhead

A virtualized media management infrastructure can help you reduce capital expenses, improve business continuity, and make operations more agile, flexible, and responsive. With the Virtualization Technical Assessment package, Avid Global Services experts will help your organization create an infrastructure that leverages virtualization guaranteed to meet your business objectives. Our experienced consultants will help you assess your Interplay | MAM or your Interplay | Production environment and design a next-generation solution to get the most out of your Avid investment.

You’ll receive a professionally packaged report containing:

  • An evaluation of your existing VM infrastructure (if applicable)
  • Recommendations on which servers and applications are candidates for virtualization
  • A strategic technology plan for transitioning traditional hardware-based infrastructures to a Virtualized Infrastructure Ecosystem
  • Recommendations for virtualized infrastructure including servers, storage, networking, and VMware edition
  • Guidelines on how to proceed with virtualization adoption
  • Avid virtualization best practices

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