MAY 27, 2021

A New Approach to Technology Decision-Making

news producer in control room

It is critical that technical teams listen more to journalists and producers in order to deliver effective, collaborative workflows in news.

That's the view of the head of news technology at one of Scandinavia's largest broadcasters.

Morten Brandstrup, from TV2 in Denmark, explains his standpoint in the latest episode of the Making the Media podcast.

"Who knows better how their daily work is than those who actually do it? So we who support the workflow and the toolbox in general, we definitely have to bring them in in the middle of what we're discussing and listen to them, letting them have a strong voice and having them to help prioritize stuff," he tells podcast host Craig Wilson.

He also details how this approach can reap benefits when implementing new solutions.

"The main thing is that they're taking more responsibility for the tools, basically, and they do understand what we try to achieve with it. So it's all the better to communicate what we have, what we are offering them, how the toolbox looks, the better they can adapt to that and use all the great tools that we have in in that toolbox."

Morten also believes that ultimately that will result in higher-quality stories and programs for viewers to enjoy on any platform.

"So it's about engaging them and thereby having a greater output, more efficient or better made, better told stories and so on, it's important."

Hear the full interview on the next episode of Making the Media on Monday, May 31.

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