APRIL 27, 2021

AvidPlay – Use Spotify Pre-Save Links to Promote Your Music

pre-save links in AvidPlay

Did you know you can promote your new album or single before it's available? AvidPlay now supports Spotify pre-save links, as well as in many other streaming outlets—including Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, and Amazon Music—to do just that. In the latest AvidPlay update, we integrated the ability to generate pre-save links at no cost (meaning, they're free)! Any artist or band can now get a jumpstart on creating buzz for your upcoming new release (single or album) to ensure your fanbase is aware and awaiting it.

So, What Are Pre-Saves?

Pre-saves are the streaming equivalent of preordering a single or album without charging your fanbase. So, when one of your fans clicks on a pre-save link for your upcoming single or album, they can add it to their library or a playlist to hear it immediately when it's live.

For artist and bands, pre-save enables you to build excitement and anticipation from your audience leading up to the release date. They have become an essential marketing tool to help increase streaming numbers and engagement on Spotify and Apple Music, which in return helps the algorithmic performance of your release, increasing your chances of getting placed in a curated playlist.

And it's easy to generate and access pre-save links In AvidPlay. Once you select "distribute" for your single or album in the Outlets tab, you will receive a pre-save link for the release within 2-3 days.

outlets tab in AvidPlay

How to Make Pre-Save Links

  1. Select "Releases" from the menu on the AvidPlay dashboard.
  2. Choose "Pre-Save" from the "Share" menu.
  3. Paste the link in a post on your social platform of choice and share it with your fans!

where to find pre-save links in AvidPlay

Use this link to promote your upcoming release, so fans have a way to listen to your new music as soon as it becomes available for streaming, increasing the chances of having a successful launch!

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