APRIL 12, 2023

Introducing Pro Tools | MTRX II and the optional Thunderbolt 3 Module

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Meet the newest members to the MTRX Family to see how they are opening up new workflows and creativity for music and audio post production.

I am excited to announce two new additions coming soon to the Pro Tools | MTRX family—the Pro Tools | MTRX II audio interface and the Thunderbolt™ 3 option module for both MTRX II and Pro Tools | MTRX Studio. These products will open up new workflows and creativity for music and audio post production, whether you use Pro Tools or other audio applications.


Meet Pro Tools | MTRX II

MTRX II is the successor of our flagship interface, Pro Tools | MTRX, which rapidly became the defacto Avid interface for audio professionals around the world due to its extreme versatility and uncompromising sonic quality.

MTRX II builds and expands on this legacy, offering even more I/O channels, increased router capabilities, and an expanded monitor mixer. It’s also the most adaptable interface on the market.

It comes with 64 channels of integrated DigiLink I/O, 64 channels of MADI I/O, and a whopping 256 channels of Dante I/O. Plus, it offers eight expansion slots, enabling you to customize MTRX II for your needs by mixing and matching option cards—with no limitations. Mic inputs, line inputs, analog outputs, DigiLink, Dante, MADI, AES, and more options are all available.

But it doesn’t stop there; MTRX II also has a dedicated slot for the new 256-channel Thunderbolt 3 option module, enabling native connectivity to your workstation. This option opens up a lot more workflow and creative possibilities when added (see more details below).

Of course, all of this increased I/O requires a larger router, so MTRX II comes with a massive 4,096 x 4,096 crosspoints to be exact, enabling you to route anything to everything. And it comes with a larger 512 x 64 summing mixer, built-in SPQ Speaker Processing, and integrated monitor control, boasting 1,024 individual filters to tune and calibrate your room. Altogether, you can build anything from a simple monitor section for a single set of stereo speakers and headphone sends all the way up to a massive 64-channel theatrical Dolby Atmos® room.


Expand your possibilities with the Thunderbolt 3 module

For Pro Tools | MTRX Studio (yep, MTRX Studio) and MTRX II users, the Thunderbolt 3 option module opens up brand-new workflows. Add the option to either interface and you can build a completely native system with 64 channels of low-latency connectivity on MTRX Studio and up to 256 channels on MTRX II.

If you’re using Pro Tools | HDX, you can leverage Thunderbolt 3 and DigiLink connectivity simultaneously. This is ideal when working in Dolby Atmos, as you can route audio directly to the Dolby Atmos Renderer through your Thunderbolt connection while maintaining full use of your HDX DSP cores.

You can also route audio in Pro Tools (via DigiLink) to and from other audio applications (via Thunderbolt 3), giving you more creative avenues for sound design and music composition possibilities. Or even connect one computer to MTRX II or MTRX Studio via Thunderbolt and another computer with HDX via DigiLink together.


Pro Tools | MTRX II and MTRX Studio with the Thunderbolt 3 module not only deliver incredible sound and performance, they also offer more production possibilities from a single interface. More connectivity brings you more ways to be creative. Uncompromising flexibility and versatility gives you more workflow opportunities. And the ability to connect anything to everything… imagine the possibilities!

Pro Tools | MTRX II and the Thunderbolt 3 module are coming soon—reach out to your preferred reseller for more information and preorder now.

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