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The buzz of a major trade show is something that many within the industry have been missing in recent years. But with the recent NAB show in Las Vegas, the media industry got back together once more, and Avid was there in full flow.

In a new location in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, our booth showcased the many innovations and new features we’ve introduced and released over the past year, plus we gave show attendees a sneak peek at other new products and services in the pipeline.

The booth was busy throughout the four days of the show, as industry representatives from across the world came to see what Avid had to offer for news, sports, media production, post production, and more.

Check out an overview of the show from our perspective in this video:

I want to focus a little more on Avid’s news solutions here. In case you’re not familiar, Avid MediaCentral has become the hub for media production, with thousands of customers already taking advantage of its end-to-end workflow capabilities. This single solution encompasses story writing, rundown management, media ingest, asset management, editing, digital publication, and studio playout, enabling teams in your facility and working remotely to create, collaborate, and turn around breaking stories fast.

MediaCentral | Cloud UX is the web-based portal, offering a world of capabilities for journalists, reporters, and producers. By simply adding apps, MediaCentral | Cloud UX can be configured to provide specific role-based capabilities, putting the right tools in the hands of the right users when they need them.

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MediaCentral | Collaborate

One of the apps that got the most attention at the show was MediaCentral | Collaborate. For newsrooms, this story-centric tool enables teams to work together from anywhere to plan stories, create and assign tasks, share content, and track projects.

It’s important to note that not only is the Collaborate app available in MediaCentral | Cloud UX, it can also be accessed directly within Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects applications when you integrate the MediaCentral Panel, which really ties together the whole creative team. And it’s also available as an iOS and iPadOS app for Apple mobile devices too, extending its capabilities way beyond the confines of the newsroom.

3 Story Editor 900

Story Editor

We showed a tech preview of a brand-new script writing experience that will be part of MediaCentral | Collaborate in the future and provides a unique link to iNEWS rundowns. This proved to be a big hit with booth visitors, so stay tuned for more announcements around this coming soon.

4 MediaCentral Aquire 900_457

MediaCentral | Acquire

Another MediaCentral app that got a lot of attention was MediaCentral | Acquire. This app enables ingest operators to control multiple ingest devices and channels to streamline the whole ingest process and get media quickly to the teams who need it urgently. Controlling MediaCentral | Stream for compressed IP ingest and FastServe | Ingest or FastServe | I/O for SDI and uncompressed IP ingest through the SMPTE 2110 protocol, ingest operators can view incoming streams before recording and throughout the ingest process, making it much easier to share the content with users, regardless of their location. For example, this could be done in conjunction with MediaCentral | Collaborate.

Both MediaCentral | Collaborate and MediaCentral | Acquire are available today, but it wouldn’t be a trade show without an exclusive look at some new capabilities coming soon, now would it?

5 Avid Stream IO 900_457

Avid | Stream IO

For that, the staff in the Avid booth showcased Avid | Stream IO, an upcoming software-based ingest application for SDI, compressed IP streams, and uncompressed IP streams that will be launching later this year. Controlled by MediaCentral | Acquire—or standalone via a web console—Avid | Stream IO will provide four fully flexible channels for ingest and playout. Available through a subscription using off-the-shelf hardware, it will deliver the most commonly used media formats into the Avid media production environment quickly, ensuring that journalists and editors can get to work within seconds of the start of recording.

So, how would we sum up the show overall? Anna Buzzard—a lead product owner at Avid who worked in the booth throughout the show said, “People were looking to get an update on the news—they wanted to know what was new and cool in MediaCentral | Cloud UX and how they can improve and streamline their news workflows to save users time.

“They were very excited to see so many new and innovative things in MediaCentral | Cloud UX—especially MediaCentral | Collaborate, the new Collaborate mobile app, iNEWS updates, and MediaCentral | Acquire using Avid | Stream IO.”

We were excited to be there and look forward to delivering and showing many more innovations at many more shows throughout the year. We hope to see you at one of them!

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Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Media and Cloud Product Evangelist and host of the Making the Media podcast.