MARCH 24, 2023

Pro Tools 2022.12 Apple native Silicon public beta now available.

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Note: Qualified native Apple silicon support is now available with the Pro Tools 2023.3 software release—learn more.

The Pro Tools 2022.12 software update is now available, and while it includes several new features including macOS Ventura qualification, support for a new Scripting SDK, and delivers numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, this release also gives users the opportunity to run Pro Tools natively on Apple M1 and M2 processors as part of a public beta. The Pro Tools engineering team has been hard at work to deliver full Apple native silicon support, and this public beta enables users to check out the significant progress that we’ve made and experience the performance improvements for themselves while the team works to deliver a fully-qualified release in early 2023 for customers on active subscriptions and support contracts.

How does it work?

Pro Tools 2022.12 is a universal binary application that includes two separate modes:

  • The first is the fully-qualified version that currently runs on Intel and Apple silicon machines via Rosetta 2. This version is fully featured and contains bug fixes for both Mac and Windows users, and will launch by default after updating to Pro Tools 2022.12.
  • The second mode is a public beta version of the application that runs natively on Apple silicon machines. This version contains all of the same updates as the Rosetta 2 version above (Ventura support, bug fixes), but not all of the functionality is available yet, nor has it gone through the full rigorous qualification process by our quality assurance team.

Pro Tools 2022.12 will launch using Rosetta 2 by default, which means fresh installations of Pro Tools will start out by using the fully featured, fully qualified, Intel binaries. The beta mode can be enabled by unchecking the “Open Using Rosetta” checkbox in the macOS Finder. This video shows you how to toggle between the two modes:


Why is Avid releasing Apple silicon support as a public beta now?

There are a lot of interconnected technologies that have to be updated and tested to deliver the bulletproof performance that our customers require. Given how important native Apple silicon support is to many of our customers, and the fact that not all of the pieces could come together at the same time, this beta will give you an opportunity to try out the performance improvements as we wrap up development and testing for the next release. If there is specific functionality you require that is not yet implemented in the Apple silicon mode, full functionality will still be available in the Intel mode when running under Rosetta 2.

What doesn’t work in the public beta version?

  • AIR plugins and instruments currently bundled with Pro Tools
  • Not all third-party plugins are supported yet—see here for the supported list
  • Cloud Collaboration and Projects
  • ICON, C24, and Command 8 control surfaces will not be supported
  • X-Form Audio Suite and algorithm in Elastic Audio
  • ReWire support
  • MP3 Export (Bounce and Export Clips as Files)
  • AAC Import
  • Score Editor
  • Chord Extraction
  • Full qualification on all systems/configurations

Note that while most of these issues will be addressed by the upcoming, fully-qualified release, users will not be able to run ICON, C24, and Command 8 control surfaces natively on Apple silicon. Although these control surfaces have been out of support for several years now and are no longer tested, they should continue to work as before when running under Rosetta 2.

For more information about this public beta, please visit our FAQ, which contains further information and known issues. We’ve also created a special Avid Link Lounge: Pro Tools Public Beta - Apple silicon supporting this public beta where you can share feedback with other users and get support. We hope you enjoy!

Apple M2 and M1 logos

Read what some of our beta testers have to say about the public beta release:

“The improved speed and responsiveness of the UI, with faster offline Bounce and commit times is a big win for me.”
Ryan Carline (musician/producer/engineer)

“The speed of offline bounce is game changing. It’s like going from a go cart to a rocket to the moon. Almost everything in your daily workflow in Pro Tools will become more efficient.”
Mike Greenberg (re-recording mixer/audio editor)

“A very responsive and smooth GUI, lower CPU usage, faster rendering, and an overall greater performance. Even small things such as how fast plugin windows open put a smile on my face. I recommend everyone to try the public beta.”
Claus Czadilek (sound editor)

“Pro Tools now brings the best out of Apple silicon computers. The speed, responsiveness and overall efficiency of Pro Tools is the perfect match.”
Simon Nakra (musician/producer/engineer)

  • Chris Winsor

    Chris Winsor is a senior principal product designer for Pro Tools who has spent the last 14 years testing and designing solutions, including improvements in I/O Setup, field recorder, the video engine, and Dolby Atmos workflows.

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