The demand for video content has skyrocketed. And that means the need for audio post production is greater than ever. In order to seize these opportunities, you need the best audio tools money can buy. Avid solutions give you exactly what you need in one integrated environment.



DG_AP_Gigantic_Customer Story

Gigantic Studios—state of the art post production



Audio post track presets—working with playlists



Meet the Pro Tools family

Meeting the challenge

Create pitch-perfect soundtracks, whether you’re working in film, TV, video games, or web video. Tailor our audio post-production solutions to your needs for ADR, Foley, sound effects, scoring, sound design, and more.

  • Overcome inefficiency by recording, editing, and mixing easily with Pro Tools and Avid integrated control surfaces 
  • Create immersive multichannel surround mixes, from stereo on up to Dolby Atmos and full-sphere Ambisonics
  • Beat the time crunch by launching HD video right in Pro Tools and syncing Media Composer sequences with your session
  • Get the flexibility you need to manipulate all kinds of recorded sound using plug-ins, elastic audio, Clip Effects, fades, and more
  • Manage massive volumes of media efficiently with powerful DSP systems and control surfaces
  • Accelerate complex tasks with advanced automation, snapshot recall, and precision hands-on control
  • Adapt quickly to ever-changing needs with custom mixing surface layouts and window configurations
  • Streamline disconnected workflows by sharing media and collaborating with your team remotely

Integrated hardware & software

Audio (DAW)

Software und Hardware für professionelle Musik- und Audioproduktion

Pro Mixing

Geräte für die direkte Kontrolle von Audio- und Videosoftware und -systemen


Zentral- und Nearline-Speichersysteme für Audio- und Video-Workflows, die sich in der Branche bewährt haben

Video (NLE)

Software und Hardware für professionelle Videobearbeitung


80% Off the Pro Audio Bundle from Aphex

Get Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro by Aphex in one amazing bundle for Pro Tools—now only $99 USD (reg. $495 USD)

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Special Offers

Nutzen Sie kostenlose Upgrades mit Pro Tools | HDX

Haben Sie schon ein TDM-basiertes Pro Tools | HD-System? Verbessern Sie Ihren Sound und die Schnelligkeit – und erhalten Sie drei Jahre Upgrades – beim Wechsel auf Pro Tools | HDX

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Action description

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Get Free Upgrades with Pro Tools | HD Native

Got an old Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD system? Boost your sound and performance—and get three years of upgrades—when you move to Pro Tools | HD Native

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Get 33% off Antares SoundSoap 5

Bring unusable audio footage back to life with this powerful AAX plugin, only $99 USD (reg. $149.00 USD)

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Whitepaper: Future Proofing Media Workflows

See how software-defined storage can drastically improve workflows

Whitepaper: Avid Pro Mixing

Learn more about Avid’s leadership and innovation in the professional mixing space

Featured Press Release

Avid delivers advanced audio post and mixing innovations, fulfilling key promises of Avid Everywhere

Video: Behind the Scenes of The Revenant

Sound editor and sound designer Martín Hernández discusses his creative process

Audio Post Production Blogs

Read about the latest updates, tutorials, case studies, and more

Pro Mixing Brochure

Accelerate and automate mixing with Avid control surfaces


Die Foo Fighters schreiben einen Liebesbrief an die amerikanische Musik.

[Pro Tools] macht meinen Mixprozess sehr viel reibungsloser, denn ich kann gut nachvollziehen, was genau der Editor will... [it's] unglaublich robust … [and] stabil wie ein Fels.


Lesen Sie die Geschichte.


Avid Solutions Give Monkeyland Audio Unparalleled Production Facilities

We loved the fact that [the Pro Tools | S6] can expand and quickly reconfigure to meet the requirements of different mixers. We really wanted a state-of-the-art, high-end new room for our new Atmos stage. It was a no-brainer it was going to be the S6.


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GORILLA 1862x1040

Gorilla: Setting the Pace in Post-Production in the UK

Since merging our Pro Tools systems with the powerful NEXIS storage, our picture and audio editorial teams are working in ultimate real-time. The compatibility benefits everyone, and production processes are much more unified, simplified, and a lot quicker.


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