In today’s connected world, composers need the right tools to stay relevant and empower their creative abilities. Avid’s industry-leading music notation solutions enable you to become a tech-savvy composer and quickly turn your ideas into fully realized scores that can be easily shared with the world.

Centered around our groundbreaking Sibelius music notation tool, our solutions do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what matters—composing your best material.

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Meeting the challenge

Whether you’re a professional or aspiring composer or arranger, Avid has the solutions to help you compose, share, and publish your work.
  • Remove technical barriers to music notation and quickly write, edit, and arrange complex musical scores with Sibelius
  • Seamlessly move from studio to coffeeshop to scoring stage with the Sibelius mobile app for iPad
  • Elevate your scores above the competition with Magnetic Layout, Dynamic Parts, and more
  • Share scores easily with anyone in the cloud or on your website with Sibelius | Cloud Sharing
  • Hear what your composition sounds like without the need for live instrumentation by playing back scores with the included Sibelius Sounds library
  • Take your compositions beyond the page by integrating Pro Tools into your workflow to start, enhance, and/or finish compositions
  • Enable collaboration with easy score sharing, annotations, and printing easy-to-read music notation
  • Avoid having to buy separate software to scan and transcribe music with PhotoScore & NotateMe and AudioScore Lite included
  • Learn or teach music notation and theory with access to more than 1,700 ready-made education tools—read more about Sibelius in the classroom
  • Protect your creative work through our Cloud Publishing tools and full Digital Rights Management
  • Connect and collaborate with others, promote scores shared via Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, and expand your opportunities with the free Avid Link app

How it works

  • Composers and arrangers
  • Students and educators
  • Sibelius provides everything you need to create and arrange exquisite, dynamic scores for live performances, film, television, and other entertainment. With PhotoScore & NotateMe and AudioScore Lite included, you can also scan, handwrite, and transcribe music as well. Integrate Pro Tools into your workflow to start, enhance, and/or finish compositions. 

  • As the world’s best-selling music notation software, Sibelius is the top choice for music educators and students entering a career in composition. Sibelius’ task-oriented interface guides you through the entire score-creation process. Learn and teach music notation and theory with more than 1,700 ready-made education tools at your disposal. Find out more about Sibelius in the classroom—and see if you qualify for discounted education pricing.



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Steven Feifke headshot

Komponist Steven Feifke spricht über kleine Siege, Big Bands und das Erwachsenwerden

Es ist mir einfach nie in den Sinn gekommen, auf ein anderes Programm umzusteigen. Beim Komponieren, Arrangieren und Orchestrieren ist es besser, möglichst wenige Barrieren zwischen dem kreativen Prozess im Kopf und der Art und Weise zu haben, wie man dessen Ergebnis eingibt.


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SimonFranglen900x457A 2 1

Simon Franglen über Technologie, China und Komponieren auf Mandarin

Beim Musizieren im Ensemble müssen alle wissen, welche Noten sie spielen oder singen sollen. Hier kommt die Notation – und damit Sibelius – ins Spiel.


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Von Michael Jackson bis Meshuggah – der australische Schlagzeuger Troy Wright bringt Sibelius den Massen näher

Über die Transkription kann ich sehen, was ich spiele. Und wenn ich das Transkript lese, spiele ich es von Anfang an 100 % korrekt und das Muskelgedächtnis wird direkt aktiviert.


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