Connectivity Partner Program



The Avid Connectivity Partner Program offers a full range of resources designed to help developers and their organizations connect their media solutions to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. These include the Avid Connectivity Toolkit, professional and solution certifications, Avid Connectivity Partner Program Memberships, and the Avid Alliance Partner Program. Engineered for compatibility and growth, the Avid MediaCentral Platform is the common foundation that provides the underlying media services, connectivity, orchestration, and administrative capabilities to support the entire media value chain.

Program offerings

  • Avid Connectivity Toolkit
  • Professional Certification
  • Program Memberships
  • Product Certification
  • Avid Alliance Partner Program
  • The Avid Connectivity Toolkit contains a large and growing collection of documentation, APIs and SDKs designed to enable the creation of connected products that work together with Avid solutions. Learn more about all available toolkits and view the documentation for evaluation and internal development. Peruse our support forums and prepare for professional certifications where available. When you are ready, follow our guidelines to obtain product licenses that enable you to use the Avid Connectivity Toolkit to build your business.

  • Avid offers a growing range of training materials and assessments designed to enable individuals to demonstrate and market their expertise with the Avid Connectivity Toolkit. Once you have reviewed the documentation for a Connectivity Toolkit of interest, an Avid Certified Connectivity Developer (ACCD) assessment, where offered, is only a click away. Those who pass ACCD assessments may use this designation to market their relevant expertise, and certain products, such as plug-ins, offered by his or her organization will become eligible for certification, promotion, and resale on Avid Marketplace. Get acquainted with Avid Marketplace and learn about registering your organization and submitting products.

  • Designed for our most active and engaged developers, Avid offers a growing suite of tailored packages for purchase. Memberships contain a valuable collection of services and special pricing opportunities designed for Connectivity Partners who require the most responsive levels of development and marketing support along with access to Avid products for development. Avid will announce Membership descriptions and ordering guidelines later in 2016.

  • Avid designs and offers certification programs to accompany Avid Marketplace onboarding and as part of Solution Certification Programs that validate the compatibility of connected products with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Solutions Certifications allow customers to purchase and use their Connected Products with confidence, knowing that they are supported by Avid testing, close customer support communication, and joint service level agreements. Solutions Certification is by invitation, and typically as part of an Alliance Partner Program. We welcome your proposals for Solution Certification at

  • Offering the closest relationship between Avid and Connectivity Partners by invitation, the Alliance Partner Program opens the door to the Avid Sales Network, a worldwide distribution, sales, training, promotion, and support operation that gives service and stature to connected products comparable to that afforded products owned by Avid. The Alliance Partner Program includes Solution Certification and is designed to form the basis of an invaluable, multi-year partnership for the most reputed and mission-critical products required by our mutual customers.

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