AUGUST 25, 2023

Mohamed El Manasterly

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A Cairo transplant to Los Angeles, Micho is a bilingual film editor with a passion for storytelling. His unique style and dedication to the craft have been recognized repeatedly in the industry. He made history as the first Egyptian editor ever to win a primetime Emmy, receiving the prestigious award for his exceptional editing work on the 2014 film "The Square." Since then, El Manasterly's films have continued to garner acclaim and accolades, accumulating awards at top festivals worldwide, including The Sundance Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Sheffield Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, IDA Awards, DOC NYC, and IDFA.

Before Micho El Manasterly embarked on his journey as an editor, he demonstrated his artistic talents as a percussionist and DJ. His profound knowledge of music serves as a guiding force in his edits, style, and ability to create seamless transitions within his work.

Micho expanded his industry experience by taking on roles as a producer and writer. Throughout his career, he has showcased his versatility, leaving his mark on various genres, from documentaries and narratives to commercials and talk shows. For Micho, the true magic of cinema lies in transforming simple personal moments into powerful, compelling stories that resonate deeply with audiences.

Blending his Egyptian roots with a multicultural upbringing, Micho El Manasterly relishes in constructing borderless narratives that connect with any audience, transcending cultural boundaries with ease.

Adding to his already impressive list of achievements this year in 2023, Micho has received a Daytime Emmy nomination for his exceptional editing work on Apple's "Home" season two. Additionally, he has been recognized with a Primetime Emmy nomination for his outstanding contributions to Hulu's "Welcome to Wrexham."

As Micho's career continues to ascend, he remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of his craft and creating impactful storytelling experiences that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

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