Multichannel metering plug-in

With SurroundScope, you can take full advantage of Pro Tools | HD surround mixing and editing capabilities. SurroundScope provides a graphical display of the signal level for each audio channel within the multichannel sound field. With its intuitive interface, you can accurately see what your listeners will hear, right from within Pro Tools. Including a full-featured Lissajous Phase Meter, SurroundScope brings to the Pro Tools platform a simple yet highly accurate way of monitoring the phase of your stereo mix or other stereo tracks in your session.


  • Real time display of stereo or multichannel track data
  • Support for all standard multichannel formats
  • Automatic detection of multichannel track formats
  • Multi dimensional display

System requirements

 OS Windows 7 
OS Mac OS 10.8.x. Mac OS 10.7.x


Plug-in Type Other
Plug-in Format TDM



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