MediaCentral provides a unified news and media production platform, with AI capabilities, that enables collaboration from any location, accelerating content turnaround. MediaCentral streamlines the entire production workflow, enabling dispersed teams to create better content faster, deliver to more outlets and devices, and maximize the value of your media.


Connect news teams everywhere to create the best content with ease.

  • Adopt a story-centric approach to news production
  • Break down boundaries between teams
  • Instantly share media and knowledge
  • Customize your workflows to meet your needs

Create and deliver

Power workflows to produce for any platform.

  • Search, browse, and edit content easily now with enhanced audio capabilities
  • Publish breaking news to digital platforms accelerated by AI
  • All from a single unified interface

Manage your media

Find what you need when you need it, with advanced access controls and super-fast searching.

  • AI powered phonetic search
  • Detailed permissions management and media protection
  • Advanced AI metadata enrichment and search
  • Integrated storage
manage your media


Gain the agility required to address the changing media landscape.

  • Optimize operations with AI enhanced workflows
  • Create with your tools of choice
  • Evolve workflows and transform your business


Flexibility to build and adjust as needed.

  • Power unique production workflows with our open platform
  • Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid configuration
  • Scale with confidence


More ap

News Production

Deliver to your audience with industry leading NRCS tools.
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MediaCentral | Publisher

Publish breaking news and sports highlights across multiple digital platforms.
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MediaCentral | Collaborate

Plan stories, assign resources, and track tasks for story-centric workflows.
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MediaCentral | Acquire

Preview, control, and schedule media ingest remotely from any location.
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more apps

More apps for MediaCentral

Add more workflow components to augment your production.
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Edit your content

Enhance your editing experience with timeline audio waveforms. With multi track editing, voice over recording, customizable dissolves and full screen viewing, your editorial team can do more without going into the editing suite.

Manage your news shows

With NRCS capabilities for timing, show production and printing, you can do more in a web browser to prepare your bulletin for broadcast. Deliver news from the road with mobile apps for story writing, and review and approval.
Manage your news show

Collaborate efficiently

Unify the creative process with planning, sharing, and tracking tools. Now with greater customization to provide the flexibility to tailor your workflows and meet the demanding requirements of the modern newsroom. Mobile, web, and in-app capabilities give users even greater visibility into tasks and assignments, including calendar views and light and dark modes on IoS.

Smarter search

Work smarter and find media faster with high-speed search capabilities. Discover what you need quicker with the new functionalities of in-folder searching. Search all your systems in one place, including AI powered phonetic search.
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