Avid Certified System Administrator: Avid NEXIS

System Administrators serve a critical role in managing their organizations storage systems and media assets. To fully harness the power of Avid NEXIS, providing intelligent storage for real-time media production, competent in-house system administration is a ‘must have’.

The Avid Certified System Administrator for Avid NEXIS certification validates an individuals capabilities of performing the tasks associated with ongoing operation and maintenance of an Avid NEXIS system once it has been put into production. This includes how to create and manage workspaces, check system status, troubleshoot issues, create and understand user accounts, connect to clients, mount/dismount workspaces, configure a multi-engine system, and deal with hardware failures.  The certification also demonstrates a basic understanding system maintenance and troubleshooting of the Avid NEXIS | PRO, E2 and E4 hardware.


Certification as an Avid Certified System Administrator provides an individual

  • Recognition of system management skills and an opportunity to distinguish themselves professionally and advance their career
  • A certification logo to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization
  • Entry in Avid's Certification Registry accessible via the Find a Certified Professional online listing, as well as a Certificate of Achievement

For business managers, certification offers an objective measure of an employee’s ability to manage an Avid NEXIS system. Hire with confidence by hiring Avid Certified!


Additional Opportunities

The Avid Certified System Administrator for Avid NEXIS also provides an ideal point from which to progress on to achieve the Avid Certified Support Representative: Avid NEXIS certification status.


How do I prepare to take the certification?

It is highly recommended that candidates firstly sit either the, NX216 Avid NEXIS System Administration classroom course or the remote blended learning online course NX216EL Avid NEXIS System Administration.

What are the prerequisites?

Certification candidates are high recommended to attend either the NX216 Avid NEXIS System Administration classroom course or the remote blended learning online course NX216EL Avid System Administration. Prior to which they should have basic experience of Microsoft Windows systems and networking.

What is covered on the certification exam?

The certification exam includes multiple choice questions covering the full domain expertise required of a system administrator. To learn more about the topics covered on the exam, including sample questions, download the Exam Study Guide.

Is the class required for certification?

No. Avid highly recommends, but does not require, the certification training course. If you have the equivalent skills gained through significant hands-on experience, you may choose to register directly for the certification exam.

Where is the class offered?

The class is offered at select Avid offices and Avid Learning Partners. Find a Class now.

Where and when can I take the exam?

Avid Certification exams are offered at least twice quarterly through select Avid offices and Avid Learning Partners. View the schedule and register for an exam.

How much does certification cost?

All prices, including the cost of the exam and the recommended courses, are set according to currency values in specific countries and regions. Please contact your regional Avid Education team for details.

After I become certified, do I have to do anything to maintain certification?

The Avid Certified System Administrator for Avid NEXIS is version specific. Once you have achieved certification status, you are not required to re-certify to maintain your certification for that version of Avid NEXIS. However, as new versions of Avid NEXIS are released, we recommend that you update and re-certify your capabilities for each version by taking and successfully completing the latest exam to show that your skills are current.


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