NX440 ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support Recertification


Self study and 4 hours Live Virtual Class


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The ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support Recertification (NX440VC) is a blended course, using a combination of self-study and Live Virtual Class (LVC) designed to support individuals who intend to maintain their ACSR Avid NEXIS certification status by sitting the recertification exam.

The course will focus on the installation, administration, and architecture of Avid NEXIS, with emphasis on new information accumulated in the past year.


This course is designed for Avid Certified Support Representatives (ACSR's) in Avid NEXIS who need to update their certification.


ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support certification


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn what's new in current software releases
  • Learn what’s new in current hardware releases
  • Maintain competency in:
    • Identifying NEXIS hardware components
    • Understanding the NEXIS Architecture
    • Administrating NEXIS Storage Groups, Workspaces and Clients
    • Understanding Networking fundamentals and NEXIS Network Topologies
    • Maintaining NEXIS Systems
    • Troubleshooting NEXIS Issues
  • Have the foundation to be able to sit the recertification exam
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