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The Avid Learning Partner (ALP) program is designed to provide the assurance that you can get the quality of training on Avid products and solutions to the standard and location that meets your needs.

Each Avid Learning Partner has been carefully chosen by Avid as they provide the appropriate training environment to deliver the authorized training content developed by Avid. Each course is delivered by an Avid Certified Instructor (ACI), trained and tested by Avid, to give you confidence you will get the expert tuition you require. The Avid Learning Partner program comes in two versions;

Avid Learning Partner – Professional: Independent professional training companies who offer Avid’s courses are the traditional short-form duration of between 1-5 days in duration, depending on the course.

Avid Learning Partner – Academic: Academic institutions, such as universities, colleges and other educational organizations, adding value to their academic program for students wanting to enter the media industry by incorporating Avid’s authorized content and Certification. Course duration will vary, but is typically across a number of semesters

Choosing an Avid Learning Partner is choosing Avid Education.

Find an Avid Learning Partner

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