SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition

Production Bundle-Full License

Create more. Click less.

SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition is a state-of-the-art workflow automation platform that cuts the task tedium out of your Pro Tools workflow, saving you time and clicks to keep you in your creative flow. Designed for music makers, sound editors, producers, mixers, engineers, and other audio professionals, it provides Pro Tools shortcuts, enabling you to seize those moments of inspiration and execute your ideas quickly.

Using macros, SoundFlow enables you to perform complicated, click-heavy tasks in a single keystroke, button press, or shortcut. With SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition, you have access to 1,600+ prebuilt macros and commands for Pro Tools that can be custom assigned and triggered by keyboard shortcuts, MIDI controllers, HID devices, and OSC-enabled controllers. Whether you’re bouncing stems, navigating plugins in large sessions, or looking to do both at once, SoundFlow can save you a lot of time and trouble.

SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition is now included with all Pro Tools Studio  and Pro Tools Ultimate annual subscriptions, as well as with all Pro Tools Studio and Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licenses with an active support plan.

To learn more about SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition, how it compares to the full SoundFlow Cloud Pro product, and how to redeem your serial number, visit the SoundFlow + Avid page.


  • Automate work with 1,600+ macros

    Gain deeper control of Pro Tools with every prebuilt macro and command available. Create new tracks, bounce mixes, navigate plugins and large mixes, and much more—without all the clicks.
  • Access your shortcuts from anywhere

    Always have all of your custom shortcuts with you anywhere you go, as all of your shortcuts are automatically synced to your SoundFlow cloud account—no need to carry around a thumb drive.
  • Assign MIDI, OSC, and HID device control

    Take a hands-on approach to your creation and get tactile control of your session using the devices you already have, such as a computer and/or MIDI/OSC keyboard or drum pad.
  • Trigger actions automatically

    With a variety of different triggers, you can have tasks complete without even thinking about them—like automatically saving your session when you open a separate app, or reorganizing your mix windows when you open a plugin.

* The free 90-day extended trial is only available for new SoundFlow customers who have not yet had a trial or active subscription of SoundFlow Cloud Pro, Business, or Enterprise.

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