Avid Everywhere Enhances Commerce for Music Publishers with Sibelius | Cloud Publishing Technology

NAMM (Hall A, Booth #6400), Anaheim, CA, 22/01/2015

Groundbreaking new technology enables publishers to deliver musical scores to customers in more powerful, efficient, and profitable ways

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today introduces Sibelius® | Cloud Publishing, a groundbreaking new publishing technology based on Avid Everywhere™ and built upon the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Sibelius | Cloud Publishing makes it easier than ever for music publishers to offer an enhanced online experience for customers, and revolutionizes the way sheet music scores are sold online. With a Sibelius | Cloud Publishing-enabled site, publishers can allow their customers to view, play, transpose, print, and purchase scores using any current web browser or mobile device, including Android, iOS, and Linux.

“Avid is committed to the music notation market, and dedicated to helping music publishers connect with customers in more powerful, efficient, and profitable ways with Avid Everywhere,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology at Avid. “Sibelius | Cloud Publishing technology revolutionizes the way music publishers deliver scores to customers, and provides a rich experience where customers can play, transpose, and interact with scores prior to purchase.”

Sibelius | Cloud Publishing provides music publishers with numerous benefits:

  • Easy implementation: Publishers simply embed code to display and deliver scores through online store pages, without requiring visitors to install a browser plugin.

  • Security: Digital rights management ensures that scores are secure and cannot be downloaded or printed in full without purchasing them first.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Customers can use a Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux operating system and enjoy the same level of score interaction, no matter what device they use.

  • Enhanced customer experience: Customers can play scores, transpose to different keys, and change instruments directly in a web browser. Future upgrades to the Cloud Publishing server playback engine and samples are instantly available to all publishers and customers.

  • High-quality score printing: Once customers purchase music, the Cloud Publishing server sends a high-quality printable version to the webstore page for customers to print.

  • Preview and playback options: Publishers can shape the experience further by setting how many pages can be shown prior to a purchase, as well as other preview and playback choices.

  • Complete Sibelius integration: Customers receive the full experience when a Sibelius file or secure Sibelius file from Sibelius Internet Edition is used for the score. The technology also handles scores prepared in PDF format.

  • Control over sales: All transactions occur on the publisher’s website.

  • Reduced preparation time: Music publishers can deliver this experience without the pain-staking manual preparation previously required, since Sibelius | Cloud Publishing manages those tasks automatically.


Sibelius | Cloud Publishing will be a service offered through the Avid Marketplace. To learn more about the features and benefits of Sibelius | Cloud Publishing and how it can elevate the customer experience in online stores, please visit http://www.avid.com/US/partners/sibelius-cloud-publishing.