Avid On Demand SaaS Platform Unveiled to Deliver Media Workflows in the Cloud

Avid Connect, Las Vegas, 07/04/2018

Avid On Demand advances media production operations with services and solutions harnessing the cloud and artificial intelligence for content transformation, editing and storage

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID), the platform that powers media and entertainment, today unveiled Avid On Demand, a cloud services and solutions platform that provides media production capabilities on demand. Avid On Demand lets media organizations conveniently deploy the capabilities they need on a per project basis with optimal elasticity—and without a drawn-out deployment phase or large capital outlay. Unveiled today at the fifth annual Avid Connect, these cloud innovations will be demonstrated during the NAB Show at Avid’s booth #SU801, April 9-12.

Avid On Demand enables teams to efficiently manage and deliver content to any device anywhere—all in a completely secure environment with controlled access. Avid On Demand empowers teams to automate many content transformation and quality control tasks, and auto-provision the level of cloud resources needed to complete a job. In every situation, users pay only for the resources they need, when they need them—without having to integrate or manage third-party hardware or worry about low utilization of capital investments.

“With Avid On Demand, the days of over-provisioning are over. Our news, sports and post customers can fully capture the promise of the cloud to benefit their entire production workflow,” said Dana Ruzicka, Chief Product Officer at Avid. “Individuals and teams can collaborate more effectively. Storage and other key resources become far more manageable and cost efficient. And users can do everything in a completely secure environment.”

Avid On Demand includes the new Avid | AI suite, which applies machine learning and cognitive services to production workflows in a media-savvy way. Avid On Demand cloud solution introductions include Shared Library On Demand for storing, sharing, and accessing indexed content libraries from anywhere. Also new, Editorial On Demand enables editing teams to share folders, projects, bins and media for greater collaboration no matter where they’re located.

Avid On Demand cloud services include:

  • Avid | AI: A new suite of Avid and third-party capabilities that automate content indexing, such as closed captioning verification, language detection, facial recognition, scene detection, and speech-to-text conversion. Avid | AI services introduced at Avid Connect include:
  • Avid Phonetic Search: Avid’s unique phonetic search approach automatically indexes media, allowing users to easily find content by typing in a word or phrase.
  • Avid | Illuminate On Demand: As part of the content supply chain, Illuminate On Demand automates the process of closed captioning and language verification. It can be run as an on demand service that quickly analyzes full libraries of media, saving time, resources, and money, as well as significantly increasing accuracy.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services: Avid enables MediaCentral® customers to leverage Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to auto-index content using machine learning algorithms such as facial detection, scene recognition and speech to text indexing, creating a library of rich metadata that can be readily searched.
  • Avid | Transformation Services: A suite of services that transcodes and packages content for delivery to any platform. Avid Transformation services include Avid and third-party services like Microsoft Media Services. 

Avid On Demand cloud solutions include:

  • Shared Library On Demand: A powerful cloud-based media library that allows users to store, manage, and search for content using MediaCentral to connect dispersed creative teams. Editors, loggers, directors, producers, and archivists can all connect to a common library that makes media accessible from any device, wherever they are.

  • Editorial On Demand: When customers need to increase their editorial capacity to handle a new project, instead of investing in and setting up new systems, they can simply spin up resources from their Avid On Demand dashboard with only the Avid Media Composer® seats and storage they need, and spin them back down again afterwards—all in a secure environment with controlled access.


Avid On Demand solutions and services will be available, hosted on Microsoft Azure, in the second half of 2018. For more information visit www.avid.com.

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