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Record, edit, mix, and deliver sound for film, TV, video games, and more with the proven audio production tools professionals have long relied on to do their best work. From ADR and Foley to sound design and Integrated Dolby® Atmos workflows, Pro Tools provides the power and precision you need to create and deliver exceptional work with confidence and ease.

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The Pro Tools 2024.3 is now available and updates the new internal Pro Tools Atmos renderer to support custom live re-renders from binaural up to 9.1.6. From monitoring mixes using Apple Spatial Audio plugins to printing delay compensated stems directly into the session, you can now independently monitor different configurations, apply limiting, easily QC stems after punching, and quickly export the stems as files all within Pro Tools. The release also delivers MIDI effect plugin support, detachable Melodyne and Clip Effects tabs, and more.

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    • Replace or add dialogue

      Create flawless ADR and voiceover performances by loop recording your talent in sync with the picture, then comping together the best takes. For ultimate sound quality and sync, add an Avid audio interface or system.

    • Capture Foley performances

      Use blank clips to cue a Foley session quickly and record high-quality sound effects—such as footsteps, rain, punches, and dish rattling—in sync with the movement onscreen to re-produce the sounds of everyday life.


      • Create realistic atmospheres

        Design and build up rich sonic elements and ambience that bring life to moving pictures. With up to 2,046 voices/audio tracks and 64 video tracks at your disposal, you can create immersive, unforgettable soundscapes.

      • Design unique sounds and effects

        Create and manipulate sounds for every visual element in a scene—from revving engines to an alien invasion—with over 120 plugins, a huge sound library, Sonic Drop, Melodyne essential, and Elastic Audio to help you sculpt your sonic vision.

      • Edit and position sound

        Work with HD, 4K, and other high-res media directly, enabling you to place and edit sound to picture with great precision and accuracy. From trimming clips and leveraging Clip Effects to positioning elements in 3D audio.

      • Streamline the editorial workflow

        With clip gain, track automation, markers, and track effects compatibility between Pro Tools and Media Composer, you can pick up where the video editor left off to conform sequences. Or sync a session directly with a sequence.


        • Mix the largest sessions with ease

          Get the most advanced automation in the industry to turn around complex productions faster. Handle hundreds of thousands of clips with Folder Tracks. And save tons of time with macros using SoundFlow or create your own with the Scripting SDK.

        • Take control of every element

          Dramatically boost your mixing efficiency and precision with an Avid control surface, which provides unparalleled DAW integration, plus joystick and PEC/Direct options for S4 and S6 to speed up mixing and re-recording tasks.

        • Immerse your audience in sound

          Experience the easiest and most efficient Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H, and Ambisonics workflows with tightly integrated mixing and monitoring solutions, including the new internal Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Renderer and MPEG-H plugin.

        • Deliver with confidence

          Pro Tools provides all the technology and workflows you need to meet the technical and delivery specifications required for theatrical release, broadcast, Netflix, streaming, gaming, and other video productions.

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