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Mini footprint. Massive control.
Accelerate your editing and mixing tasks in creative new ways. Based on the advanced touchscreen workflows of the award-winning Avid S6 and hybrid command of the bestselling Artist Control, Avid Dock provides intelligent studio control in a portable, ergonomic, and affordable surface. Working together with your iPad or Android tablet, you get the quick touchscreen access and tactile precision control you need to navigate and control music and post projects faster using your favorite DAWs. And when paired with Avid S1 or S3, you gain new timesaving touch workflows and custom control. Mixing deadlines have met their match.
  • System Requirements
  • Specifications
    • Additional controls : 32 hardware buttons for various mode selection functions, 2 programmable touch strips, 16 programmable Soft Keys
    • Ancillary I/O: 1 USB 2.0 port (for tablet charging), 1 footswitch port (1/4-inch TRS), 1 Ethernet port, Kensington lock slot
    • Depth: 14.1 inches (35.9 cm)
    • Encoders: 9 total—8 push-top, touch-sensitive channel control encoders; 1 monitoring control encoder
    • Height (front, rear w/knobs): 1 inch, 5.4 inches (2.7 cm, 13.8 cm)
    • Metering: 1 10-segment meter with pre- and post-fade metering options
    • Navigation: Jog wheel with full transport control section
    • Channel/strip folders: 1 “attention” channel with a touch-sensitive, motorized fader
    • Weight: 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
    • Width: 13.9 inches (35.2 cm)

    What's Included

    • Avid Dock control surface
    • EuControl software activation (requires download)

You can, with EUCON

EUCON is Avid’s high-speed Ethernet control protocol that delivers deep hardware and software integration. While other control surfaces repackage the experience of legacy technologies and experiences, EUCON redefines, creating a fluid experience that keeps pace with evolving needs of audio professionals. Together with Pro Tools, EUCON feels quick and natural, unifying your hands, ears, and ideas, so you can move through a session or multiple applications in luxury.


    • Small rooms or small budgets

      S1 is portable, ergonomic, and expandable, making it the perfect option for smaller spaces

    • Custom knob layouts

      Quickly automate routine tasks, plugin settings, integrate touch screen support, and enjoy countless conveniences that form-fit to the tasks at hand.

    • Customizable metering

      Link Post Modules and Display Modules together to view tracks in five different metering views, two different color options, and up to ten wide surround formats

    • Creativity at scale

      S1 supports monitoring and routing control for simple stereo sessions to incredibly complex mixes

    • Save studio space

      S1’s smaller profile is a perfect fit for smaller recording studios, independent music/audio post mixers, and smaller rooms.

    • Stop banking and start spilling

      VCA spill and Folder Track spill give you the ability to expand track folders onto separate tracks happens with a single touch.

    • Customizable metering

      Link Post Modules and Display Modules together to view tracks in five different metering views, two different color options, and up to ten wide surround formats.

    • A more affordable solution

      To teach students the music and audio post-production workflows they’ll need for a successful career in the media and entertainment industry.

    • Audio’s common language

      Teach students real-world music and audio post production using the same tools and workflows used across the industry.

    • Work across DAWs and NLEs

      Have the flexibility to control different DAWs and NLE’S in your classrooms, including Pro Tools, providing a more well-rounded education

    • Mix wirelessly on iPad, Android, or iOS

      With Avid Control, you can seamlessly transition mixing audio to and from your classroom control surface.

    • Create custom knob and meter layouts—NEW

      With the latest EUCON update, you can now map the controls of an inserted plugin to your surface—for any plugin, from any EUCON-enabled DAW. This makes it easy to create custom knob layouts for all of your favorite plugins, so you always have your favorite parameters at your fingertips exactly where you want them. You can also design your own meter layouts, independently, in both the Avid Control mobile and desktop apps.


    • Work with your favorite devices

      Avid Control works with a variety of tablets and smartphones running iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Fire OS, giving you a wide range of choices and cost flexibility. It also comes as a desktop app for macOS and Windows, enabling you to display the Meters view on your computer screen—in conjunction with your DAW—ideal when using Avid Dock with one or more S1 surfaces.

    • Speed up your workflow

      Avid Dock features EUCON, a high-speed Ethernet-based technology that enables the hardware to communicate directly with many popular applications, including Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo, Premiere, and more. From accessing hundreds of software functions and commands, to navigating projects, adjusting plugins, and automating tracks, Dock gives you touch and tactile control right from the surface.

    • Automate tracks with ease

      With 12 dedicated automation switches, you can toggle modes and write automation directly from the surface. Press the ALT key and you have access to additional Pro Tools Ultimate functions using the same keys, including Preview, Join, Punch Capture, and Write to Punch. You can even attach a footswitch to the Dock to control punch recording.

    • Get hybrid touch and tactile control

      While Avid Dock can be used standalone, it provides deeper control of your software when used with the free Avid Control app on your tablet. The app offers a host of views, controls, and visual feedback to speed up your efficiency. Navigate huge sessions with the Universe Scroller. See up to 96 tracks at a time and bring a track immediately to the surface in Tracks view. And make tweaks to tracks, EQ, dynamics, and plugins in the Mixer and Channel views.

    • Bring enhanced touch workflows to S1 and S3

      Pair Avid Dock with an Avid S1 or S3 control surface and you gain even more timesaving workflows. Speed up tasks with physical transport, jog, shuttle and focus fader capabilities. Enable more flexible touchscreen workflows. Customize and recall layouts quickly. Work with VCA groups more easily. And trigger frequently performed functions and macros with dedicated Soft Keys as you continue mixing on S1 or S3.

    • Adjust parameters with a twist

      Edit and mix tracks with eight push-top, touch-sensitive Soft Knobs that interact with whatever knobset you’ve chosen in the Avid Control app. Select an EQ, plugin, send, pan, or other item, and all parameters instantly map to the knobs for tweaking. And because you’re making adjustments with physical controls, you don’t have to focus on your computer screen and can instead really listen to how your adjustments impact your mix.

    • Navigate your project your way

      Get full transport controls, an assignable weighted jog wheel, and right-side switches to navigate, jog, shuttle, zoom, bank, switch workstations, and more. Scroll through projects or perform custom tasks with the two programmable touch strips. Get ICON-favorite “Scroll to Track” and “Scroll into View” features when using Pro Tools. And quickly access any channel in Tracks view or the Universe Scroller in Avid Control—no matter how huge the session.

    • Speed up tasks with Soft Keys

      You can click-click-click your way through frequently performed editing and mixing tasks. Or you can assign the 16 surface Soft Keys or the Avid Control Soft Keys to do the tedious work for you. Trigger menu commands and other software functions and recall layouts at the press or tap of a button. You can also adapt the Dock to your unique workflow by grouping Soft Keys and programming macros to perform more complex tasks.

    • Gain full monitoring control

      Take control of any EUCON-enabled monitoring system—including Pro Tools | MTRX, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, D-MON, XMON, and monitor sources in your DAW—right from the Dock surface or in the Avid Control app on your tablet. Control source selections, speaker cuts, talkback, and cues. You can even lock parts of the Dock to your monitoring application for dedicated monitor control while controlling another DAW with the rest of the surface for mixing.

    • Get your hands on important channels

      When you need to focus on a specific track—or want more tactile precision—a single “attention” channel awaits. Select any track from the touchscreen and the channel maps directly to the Dock’s surface controls. Adjust levels with the touch-sensitive, motorized fader. Select, record-enable, solo, and mute the track. And keep an eye on your levels with the 10-segment meter.


    • Massive power in a mini surface

      Avid S1 goes far beyond what you can do with a MIDI based controller, packing the power of S6 in a package that fits between your display and keyboard—and into your budget. Eight motorized, touch sensitive faders and knobs respond to your touch, fast-access touchscreen workflows and Soft Keys enable you to perform complex tasks with a single press.

    • You can, with EUCON

      S1 is powered by EUCON, Avid’s high-speed Ethernet control protocol that delivers deep hardware/software integration, giving you full touch and tactile access to a host of Avid and third-party software functions and controls. You can even switch between multiple applications—and workstations—at the touch of a button, providing the most fluid editing and mixing experience.

    • Get deep into your mix

      From track names, parameter values, and high-res S6-style metering, to 7.1.2 surround panning, 9.2.4 automation status, and channel processing graphs, S1 gives you great insight into your mix. You can also design your own meter layouts, independently, in both the Avid Control mobile and desktop apps.

    • Stop banking and start spilling

      Use custom knob and meter layouts for quickly automating routine tasks, integrate touch screen support, and enjoy countless conveniences that form-fit to the tasks at hand. Now with VCA spill and Folder Track spill, the ability to expand track folders onto separate tracks happens with a single touch.

    • Expansions for demanding workflows

      Work in tandem, connecting up to four S1 surfaces—plus Avid Dock—to create a 32-fader system. Adding an Avid Dock allows for precise dialogue editing and audio post mixing with transport controls, jog wheel, focus fader, and more.

    • Work with your favorite creative tools

      Work across DAWs and NLEs S1 offers deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for a variety of third-party audio and video applications, including Logic Pro, Cubase, Premiere Pro, and more, to dramatically speed up editing and mixing tasks.

    All customers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa—please contact re-sellers to buy Avid Dock.

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