Important: Please note that while iNEWS will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Newsroom Management—a powerful new integrated workflow solution that provides complete story creation and rundown management for news teams. Please check out the link to learn more or contact your account manager or reseller.


Accelerate reach, revenue and ratings

Get the newsroom efficiency and management you need to be the first to deliver breaking news. Avid iNEWS is a core element of the complete Avid story-centric workflow, serving as the dynamic nerve center of content creation and distribution. From planning and resourcing, to on-air delivery, this integrated new workflow enables you to create and deliver multiple angles of a story to larger and wider audiences across TV, websites, mobile apps, and social media channels. All while saving your newsroom time and operating costs. And gain even greater cost efficiency by deploying iNEWS in a hybrid cloud environment.


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Product Highlights

  • Break news faster with the story-centric workflow
  • Make the world your newsroom
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Do more with less
  • With the comprehensive new story-centric workflow, the story is now the center of all planning and delivery. Empower your news teams to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content for viewing on TV, websites, mobile apps, and social media channels—faster and in more ways than ever using iNEWS and MediaCentral | UX.

  • Wherever a story is happening, your team needs to be there. Whether in the newsroom, the studio, or the field, journalists and producers can create, view, and edit iNEWS stories and browse rundowns through the included MediaCentral | UX web-based interface, or native iOS and Android apps.

  • iNEWS story-centric workflow tools provide a dashboard of all the content related to key stories in a single location. Everyone covering a hot topic can focus on what matters most—creating and delivering compelling news stories.

  • iNEWS gives journalists, assignment editors, producers, and news directors swift access to moment-by-moment status information, feeds, stories, and rundowns. You can even get playback status via iNEWS | Command and access media globally using Media | Index. Leveraging the speed, reliability, and accuracy of iNEWS, teams can now produce more content for more channels than ever before.

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