How to use your MBOX Studio audio interface for Mac and PC

Get up and running fast with these MBOX Studio tutorials—or get started with Pro Tools here.

Introducing MBOX Studio

Get to know what it is and what’s in the box
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Getting Started

Get a walkthrough of what’s what and basic operation
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Intro to MBOX Control

Work with onboard effects, set up Bluetooth, and more
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Meet MBOX Ignition Pack

Get started with all the plugins in this bundle
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Customizing MBOX Studio

Assign switches, user buttons, and more
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Setting up Monitoring

Configure multiple monitors, cue mixes, and more
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Working with Cue Mixes

Set up custom headphone mixes for recording talent
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Using Onboard Avid FX

Inspire great performances with reverb, delay, and EQ
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Working with Variable Z

Find out how to optimize mic/instrument impedance
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Recording Guitars

See how to use the built-in effects loops and reamping
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Creating a Song

Go through the entire process of recording a song
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Find handy solutions for when things aren’t going as planned
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