SEPTEMBER 25, 2023

Avid | Stream IO boosts ingest and playout

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Ingest and playout are hardly the sexiest part of the media creation process, right? This is not like the editor using Media Composer to craft the latest summer spectacular or the ProTools guru mixing the current number one song. But getting media in and then distributing it out is a fundamental part of the media creation process, and as such, is as critically important as those sprinkling on the creative magic dust to deliver a blockbuster, a hit, or a social media viral clip. 

Avid recently launched Avid | Stream IO – the latest evolution in a line of broadcast ingest and playout solutions stretching back more than twenty-five years. We demonstrated Avid | Stream IO features at the IBC trade show in Amsterdam, getting tremendous positive reaction from thousands of industry professionals who visited the show. 

Avid - Stream IO at IBC

Avid | Stream IO is a new, four-channel ingest and playout broadcast video solution, combining the ability to handle traditional SDI feeds (available at launch) with compressed* and uncompressed** IP streams, available in a later release. 

The broadcast video solution is offered as a software-only subscription and can be deployed on- premises on physical hardware, which meets certain specifications, or in an instance in the cloud. The subscription licenses are seamlessly transferrable between on-premises systems and the cloud. In addition, as it is subscription-based, any new features added during the term of the subscription become immediately available for use. 

Demo Avid Stream IO

Avid | Stream IO is the ideal replacement for any legacy servers approaching their end of life or end of support, or for broadcasters seeking a solution which marries SDI and IP together. 

Avid | Stream IO is ideally configured to fit straight into existing MediaCentral | Production Management (Interplay) workflows with support for the most commonly used video codecs and formats. It can be controlled manually through a web-based remote console for ingest or playout. For ingest, it can also be controlled by MediaCentral | Capture or MediaCentral | Acquire and for playout by MediaCentral | Command. For ingest and/or playout, Avid | Stream IO can be controlled by third-party controllers using VDCP or via the OCIP API protocol. 

Avid | Stream IO already has initial commercial success, with several customers purchasing the solution even before formal release. Avid | Stream IO fits not only into MediaCentral workflows, but with its capabilities to write to generate storage platforms, create OP1a media (in addition to OPAtom), and generate high quality proxies simultaneously, it can fit easily into a range of other (non-Avid) production environments too. 

Watch this webinar to find out how Avid | Stream IO features address the challenges of ingest and playout today and in the future. 

*Compressed IP streams such as SRT and RTMP 

** Uncompressed IP streams using the SMPTE ST 2110 standard 

The “Interplay” name is used with the permission of Interplay Entertainment Corp., which bears no responsibility for Avid products. 

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    Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Media and Cloud Product Evangelist and host of the Making the Media podcast.

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