MARCH 16, 2023

Design and Deliver

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Changes in graphics technology are enabling stories to be told in different ways, building greater engagements with audiences, and encouraging more teams to experiment and collaborate together.

In the latest episode of season three of the Making the Media Podcast, host Craig Wilson speaks with Antonio Tena, head of process and innovation at Telemadrid.

In the episode, he reflects on more than forty years working within the media business, and how not only has the technology changed immeasurably, but the impact this has had on the way in which stories can be illustrated has also been profound.

Antonio says, “We need to remember that in news, graphics need serve a purpose, they need to help tell a story. It is kind of a very short film. So you can't easily tell a story in five seconds, the same way that you should not spend a minute trying to illustrate something that is not telling anything relevant. So there are times we want to be very spectacular and get the audience's attention.”

Antonio details the work that was done to create an entirely virtual stadium environment for the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar, explaining how the teams worked together to bring the idea to fruition.

He says that it is crucial that all members of the team contribute to the discussion on not just what the graphics will look like, but how they will be used to illustrate the story, but it is not easy.

“When you prepare for a big event, like a World Cup or elections, you spend a lot of time working on stuff and you assume that some of the things you are preparing will not be used on-air because, for whatever reason, there might be no time for this, or because, due to the flow of the show, it might not be convenient. But regardless of anything, you have to do it right. In this case, it went very well, and the content was superb. In this case, the editorial team started liking this more and more and they went all in. In the end this was one of these times where a process that might seem chaotic ends up working out well because of collaboration from all parts.”

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