APRIL 7, 2023

Yes, Students Can Get Avid Media Composer for Free – See How

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This year’s awards season has come to a close, but while the glitz and glamour may be over, things are not all quiet on the western front for those who make a living in the entertainment industry. Film and television production is at an all-time high, driven by the rapid rise of online streaming services feeding audiences who’ve developed a whale of an appetite for binge-watching. And Avid editors and assistant editors are particularly in HUGE demand.

If you’re an editor, there’s never been a better time to find work—or get started with Avid—because the majority of the biggest and most awarded movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, and sports programs are all cut on Media Composer.

But today’s top gun Media Composer editors can’t be everything everywhere all at once. That’s why Avid has taken the unprecedented initiative to offer Media Composer for FREE through our new Media Composer for Students program to help bring more Avid editing talent into the industry at this time of critical need. Here’s how to get it.

I firmly believe that if you want to be an editor, you need to learn Media Composer. It’s a no-brainer.

Nathan Orloff, Editor (John Wick: Chapter 4, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Plan B )

I’m a student—how do I get Media Composer for free?

If you’re currently enrolled at a university or college (post-secondary education), you can get access to the software for free through your school, as long as your school is participating in the Media Composer for Students program.


It doesn’t matter if you’re studying film & television, communications, or something totally unrelated to media production; you can get a free license to learn the art of visual storytelling for as long as you’re a student—just ask your teacher for it. We’ll even jumpstart your education by providing tutorials and other free training resources to help get you up and running fast.

And if your teacher isn’t familiar with the program, share a link to this page and let them know that you want Media Composer for free—it won’t even cost your school anything to sign up for the program (we bet they’ll have a bunch of happy students when they do)!

I’m an educator—how can my school participate in this program?

If you’re a teacher, IT administrator, or other authorized staff member at a university or college, we want to partner with you to help prepare the next generation of video editors, filmmakers, and journalists for successful careers. The Media Composer for Students program gives your school the opportunity to provide the same tools used throughout the media and entertainment industry free to any student who wants it.


Whether you currently offer a media production curriculum or not, all you need to do to participate in the program is sign up your school to become an Avid Learning Affiliate. There’s no cost or any obligation to buy anything.

Once registered, you can assign a free 1-year Media Composer license to any current student, faculty member, or staff using their school email address. Renew licenses every year as students progress through their studies. Turn off licenses as they graduate. You can also revoke licenses at any time.

As an Avid Learning Affiliate, you’ll also have access to all the same Media Composer training that students will receive, the Avid Learning community forums to network with other teachers, a 90-day pass to our award-winning Avid Learning Central eLearning platform, and other benefits to help put everyone at your school on a clear path to success.

From increasing student engagement and enrollment at no cost to your school to helping them achieve their biggest dreams, we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to participate in the Media Composer for Students program.

Ready to prep the next generation of storytellers for success?

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We’d like to congratulate all of the nominees and winners at the 95th Academy Awards—you continue to amaze and inspire us every day.

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