OCTOBER 16, 2023

Making the Media S4E02: Let Me Explain

Making the Media S4E02, guest Ros Atkins

Journalists must always consider whether the way they are telling stories is right for the audiences they are trying to reach to ensure that their work remains relevant.

In the new episode of the Making the Media Podcast, BBC News analysis editor, presenter, and author, Ros Atkins, discusses how he constantly re-evaluates his work to ensure he explains topics clearly enough across multiple platforms.

Ros has just released a new book, called The Art of Explanation, and in the podcast episode, he outlines the techniques he deploys when gathering, interpreting, and then presenting information.

Listen to Hear:

  • Insights into how Ros creates the “Ros Atkins On…” explainer video series
  • Ways to tackle news avoidance
  • Techniques to communicating with clarity and confidence

Our Guests This Episode

Ros Atkins
BBC News Analysis Editor, Presenter, and Author
Ros is the creator and presenter of “Outside Source” on the BBC News Channel. His “Ros Atkins on….” explainer videos have become an online hit with millions of views across a variety of platforms. He co-presents “The Media Show” on BBC Radio 4 and the topical program “Ros Atkins On The Week” on BBC1. A journalist for more than thirty years, he is based in London.

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We always need to stop and think: Is the way our journalism is manifesting itself right for the people that we're trying to reach?

Ros Atkins, BBC News Analysis Editor and Author

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    Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Media and Cloud Product Evangelist and host of the Making the Media podcast.

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