JUNE 23, 2022

Pick and Mix

A person choosing sweets from a pick and mix counter-1862

The relationship between program makers and their technology providers has changed forever, and the cloud has the capability to enhance it further, according to one of Britain’s biggest broadcasters.

In the next episode of the Making the Media podcast, host Craig Wilson discusses these topics in-depth with ITV Studios’ Director of Technology, Peter Russell.

He describes how things have changed in the way that productions work together with their technology teams. “You tell me what you need and then we can go and build the right tools or put together the right processes that can afford and enable that way of working. And so I keep using the terminology in ITV, that yeah, this is a pick and mix technology setup where you know we're not trying to force a Production A into a workflow that really only works for Production B because that's the tool set we have.”

He continues, “We are now literally able to build and then bring back down, you know, an entire production platform for a specific genre of show for that purpose and I find it really, really exciting. It does make me smile when I talk about it because it's just such a fabulous thing to be involved in.”

In the episode, Peter also discusses the challenge of recruiting and retaining staff in a more competitive job marketplace, how a green agenda is influencing future strategy at ITV, and the way they are testing out new cloud-based workflows, including remote editing.

He adds, “I think the cloud has really enabled yet further global shrinkage for us. You know, it just feels that the world is that bit smaller again, and the cloud really has been enabling us to explore that further. I think there’s key examples of areas where that's come forward quicker than perhaps it would have done previously. Being able to share work or use different suppliers for work, or being able to get material regardless of where you are on the globe. You know, having the material sat in the cloud immediately means that you can start using providers that you've never used before, or we can start utilizing different pockets of ITV in a slightly different way.”

Find out more on the next episode of the podcast, available on all major podcast platforms on Monday, June 27.

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