SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

The Streaming Revolution That’s Here to Stay

Beams of light streaming for a source in the sky

Driving efficiencies, reducing costs, and enabling new workflows are at the heart of the booming SRT Alliance—and its influence is continuing to grow.

In our new episode of the Making the Media podcast, Peter Maag from Haivision, the company behind the open source SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol, tells host Craig Wilson of the ways he has seen the technology blossom.

“The old saying goes, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen. And the efficiencies that people are getting [with SRT]—and the cost-savings and the flexibility of adopting these remote workflows—they’re here to stay. I think the pandemic has really accelerated a trend in the industry that was happening anyway… [we now] can't unsee it and the remote workflow is here to stay.

Peter also says that audience appetite for live content is also driving SRT adoption across the industry.

“Everything needs to be live, and to produce all of those live video feeds is a challenge. It needs to be cost-effective, right? So, whether you’re producing it at a college stadium or in the street for a news reporter and sending it home to be rebroadcast—or whether you’re taking multiple feeds back, synchronizing them, producing them in the basement, and then broadcasting them—cost-effective transport is the fundamental of what people need to do every day.”

Find out more on the next episode of the Making the Media podcast on Monday, September 20.

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