In the studio or on location, Avid and MediaCentral sports solutions team up to give you the technology, efficiency, creativity, and protection you need to keep your fans cheering.

From MediaCentral | Production Management, to real-time graphics and video playout with Maestro | Live, Avid enables you to get your game on and engage fans, whether they’re following the action on the jumbotron at the stadium, their TV or computer at home, or their mobile device wherever they roam.


Historia de cliente

European Championships use Avid graphics solutions for broadcast

Los Campeonatos Europeos eligieron a Avid para conseguir gráficos de primera clase


Sports graphics in use during broadcast

Alíate con Avid para inyectarle adrenalina a tu cobertura de deportes

Meeting the challenge

Produce entertaining and enlightening sports shows in the studio and replay exciting video highlights and moments at the game with Avid’s industry-leading tools.

  • Break stories first across multiple digital platforms and monetize content with MediaCentral | Publisher
  • Log live and recorded content with more significant sports details using custom logging templates in MediaCentral
  • Present captivating and meaningful content that relates to every second of the action
  • Keep up with increasing content demands using integrated video and audio tools that streamline your workflow
  • Generate revenue to offset escalating production costs by inserting virtual ads that can be tied to the field or displayed standalone
  • Overcome scattered viewership and capture audiences across all platforms with instantaneous on-air, online, and on mobile publishing
  • Hold viewer attention and capitalize on all the excitement with engaging 2D and 3D graphics and high-quality slow-motion replays
  • Engage fans by quickly accessing relevant clips with our secure, software-defined storage solutions
  • Get the most from your investment and easily leverage your content for scoreboard highlights, commercials, web video, live streaming, and more
  • Produce and edit content remotely, making it easy to create at away games and training sites
  • Easily park projects and back up media in the cloud

How it works


Integrated hardware & software


Sistemas de almacenamiento intermedio compartido demostrados en el sector para flujos de trabajo de audio y vídeo

Edición de vídeo

Software y hardware de edición profesional de vídeo

Gestión de la redacción

Herramientas profesionales de automatización y producción de medios para periodistas y productores

Gestión de medios y flujos de trabajo

Amplía las posibilidades de unas herramientas de producción colaborativa contrastadas en las que el sector de los medios y el entretenimiento ya confía a diario.

Procesamiento y retransmisión

Servidores de vídeo multicanal que permiten pasar casi de forma instantánea del procesamiento a la reproducción


Paquetes de soluciones de broadcast local y regional

Saca provecho de soluciones de flujo de trabajo para broadcast inigualables gracias a rentables paquetes

Más detalles

FastServe Bundles

Enhance news, sports, and other live broadcasts and be the first to air with cost-effective bundles

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Turner Sports

Turner Sports ofrece gráficos de nivel de campeonato con Avid

La tecnología avanzada de Avid y una atención al cliente competente nos permitieron crear unos gráficos interactivos que no habríamos podido realizar mediante otras plataformas.


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Colorado Rockies 1862x1040

Colorado Rockies Expand Avid Infrastructure to Future-proof Media Production

Most of our post-production workflow is Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and some Illustrator. With Avid, you can pull all these things together.


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Miami Heat 1862x1040

Avid Supports New Content Initiatives and Monetization Strategies for Miami HEAT

We keep all our high-res in Avid NEXIS, and it’s reliable. We’re similar to a news station in that we create daily content; we don’t have time to be down.


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