Our collective voice matters. Let yours Be heard.

Help push the #WeR4Music movement today by signing the petition and get it trending with your social posts—so we’ll all ensure that every participant in the music industry receives the recognition, exposure and reward they deserve for their work, which is such an important part of every aspect of our lives.


And who isn’t? It touches almost everything we do, and for many of us music is the storyline of our lives—it motivates, inspires and defines who we are. And music touches every form of storytelling, from the films we watch, to the shows we love, and the entertainment that moves the world.

The Digital Challenge

While digital technologies have improved many parts of our lives, the innovation that digital has delivered has been impacting the music industry for well over a decade. Digital has disrupted many industries. However, few have been impacted as much as music, putting pressure on every aspect of the business.

Nobody escapes the challenges of the digital era. Too many writers, producers, editors, mixers, promoters, labels, publishers and distributors alike are struggling to be properly recognized and rewarded for their work. We need to foster and encourage solutions that are both fair and equitable for everybody who creates music and contributes in the ecosystem.

We need aspiring and up-and-coming artists to continue to pursue their craft and develop their own voice. We need today’s artists and creative professionals to be able to make a good living doing what they love. And we need the music industry’s economy to profit from top to bottom, ensuring every participant can realize their creative vision or economic goal.

A Voice for Positive Change

At Avid, we are for music. We care deeply about this industry and want to do our part to bring attention to the situation. That’s why Avid is using its position to encourage others to join us in lifting their voices and taking action to put a spotlight on the issues and bring positive change for everyone in the industry. We encourage everyone across the industry to get involved—whether a technology supplier, merchant, songwriter, musician, engineer, producer, promoter or whatever other role—our collective voice matters. We are all for music.

We Begin a Movement

And that’s why Avid has created the #WeR4Music movement. It’s meant to include, inform and empower anyone to take a stand to ensure that music creation continues to flourish and that the industry prospers, so that everyone who contributes gets the recognition or reward they deserve for their work, new artists are encouraged to pursue their dreams, and new genres encouraged to emerge.

Raise Your Voice. Be Heard.

You’re here because you care. So, follow through on your initiative and help us by raising your unique voice and be heard as part of the #WeR4Music movement that Avid has started. There are several ways that you can participate—starting with signing the petition, then doing your homework by learning more about the situation while adding your voice today via social media discussions utilizing the #WeR4Music hashtag, or even contacting your local and national government representatives to let them know where you stand. This is your chance to help the entire music community at large. Below are several helpful links to help you raise your voice and be heard.

Sign the Petition for #WeR4Music

The most powerful action everyone should take right away is also a very simple one that happens in less than a minute: sign the #WeR4Music petition!

Sign the petition today


Drive Social Conversations with #WeR4Music

Everyone can proudly embrace the movement, passionately champion the industry, and spread the word like wildfire by including #WeR4Music throughout their social media posts. The chatter will get loud and, this being about music, many fascinating personalities will surely join in.

You can also follow Avid on social media and join our discussion:

Do Your Homework and Learn More

Everyone can do their own homework to learn more about the challenges the music industry is facing today, and what positions various industry organizations and representatives are taking with respect to helping solve the most pressing issues. Venture forth below to take advantage of the numerous resources, professional associations and action groups that are doing their part to keep industry participants informed, prepared and protected.


Performing Rights Organizations

Join one of the societies dedicated to collecting royalties and protecting copyright holders

Associations | Unions

Get involved with trusted industry organizations dedicated to supporting your rights and aspirations

Advocacy | Research | Education

Learn more about the issues impacting your career and who’s fighting for your rights

Relief Organizations

Apply for financial assistance if you’re a struggling musician or performing artist

Copyright | Licensing

Register a body of work, or connect with those who can assist with copyright law or licensing

Contact Your Government Representatives

It’s easier than you think to make contact with your local or national government representatives. You can help ensure legislative awareness is top of mind on the issues encroaching upon us by making sure they hear from their vocal music industry constituency—and that they have the urgency to help ensure equilibrium and protection of our multi-billion-dollar music economy.

Contact your senator

Contact your representative

Engage via Facebook Town Hall


How Avid Helps music professionals

Due to our intense care and concern for the future of the music industry, and everyone who participates in it, Avid has been acting boldly over the last several years to deliver innovative solutions and unique approaches to help. On top of starting the #WeR4Music campaign, there are many other ways we’re helping make it easier for everyone across the music industry to Create, Connect, Collaborate and Be Heard—many of these for free!

Get the same tools the pros use—for free

Any artist or creative professional can elevate their work with the absolute best tools in the business for music creation, recording and video editing—Pro Tools | First and Media Composer | First—by downloading them for free!

Download Pro Tools | First

Download Media Composer | First


Connect with others to create and collaborate

With the Avid Artist Community you can connect with an extensive global network of artists, musicians, producers, and media professionals to share your work, collaborate, and expand your professional potential. Join our community for free—simply sign in with your Avid Master Account and discover what possibilities await...

Join now

Join the industry’s leading customer community

Participate in the industry’s most innovative and influential customer-led community of music, media and entertainment industry professionals. Any qualified individual can join the Avid Customer Association for free, and can network, collaborate and innovate with 20,000+ other like-minded creative and media professionals.

Join the community

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