Get the extra storage space you need to create and collaborate on more music. With Avid Premium Cloud Plans, you have ready, secure access to your valuable work anywhere in the world.

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  • Store more using less space

    With WavPack lossless compression, your projects and scores take up to 70% less space in the cloud while ensuring bit-for-bit accuracy, so the highest sound quality is preserved
  • Archive your work safely

    Avid Cloud offers recurring security scans, as well as internal and external security audits, ensuring your work is always safe and available
  • Accelerate collaboration

    Avid Cloud optimizes file transfer so that even the largest files upload and download at the fastest possible speeds, so you can act on collaborative impulses in the moment, in near-real time
  • Instant access to your music, anywhere

    Easily access your work from anywhere, on any Pro Tools or Sibelius system, without needing to maintain fallible physical hard drives


    • Access Pro Tools Revision History

      Cloud-enabled projects autosave versions as you work, so you can easily revert to earlier iterations whether you are collaborating or working on your own.

    • Manage storage and collaborations from the application

      Because your cloud storage is integrated with Pro Tools and Sibelius, you can manage your work entirely in one application without having to context switch to another.

    • Share more scores with Sibelius

      Got Sibelius or Sibelius | First? Go beyond the 20- or 10-score limit and share as many scores as you’d like—as many that fit within your chosen space.

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