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Unparalleled width, easy to use!

Unparalleled width, easy to use, SPREAD is the most powerful and usable multi-band stereo imaging plugin on the market. Make mono tracks stereo.

Spread is a multi-band stereo imager by Grammy winning producer DJ Swivel. It's very easy to use with a slick interface. There's a primary Spread knob which allows the stereo image to widen across the entire frequency spectrum, as well as individual band offsets to increase or decrease the stereo image on user definable frequency ranges.

The plugin also recognizes stereo tracks and folds down to mono in instances it can. There's also additional helpful mastering features like a Low Hz side filter, which utilizes M/S processing to filter out the low frequencies up to 200hz. There's also a helpful Tilt tool, which only adjusts the gain of the Left and Right signal but will not compromise the stereo image by shifting signal from one output channel to another. Stereo balancing without compromising stereo image.


  • Multiband Stereo imaging
  • Easy to use with slick interface
  • Adjust Frequency Bands
  • Monoizer
  • Low Hz side filter

System Requirements

Mac Mac OS 10.11.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 10.x and later
Copy Protection Serial Numbers
Max Sample Rate


Sound Field
AAX Native

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