Avid Illuminate


Caption, language, and video description intelligence. Automated.

Automatically verify captioning, video description, and languages with unrivaled speed, accuracy, and scalability with the Avid Illuminate suite. Featuring three individual modules—Avid QC, Avid Comply, and Avid Align—Avid Illuminate frees you from the time, expense, and stress of validating content. Whether you’re authoring captions, preparing them for online or OTT distribution, reporting on broadcast compliance, or working in multilingual playout and distribution environments, Avid Illuminate eases the burden of quality control to ensure the best viewer experience possible.

Product Highlights

Avid illuminate
  • Avid QC
  • Avid Comply
  • Avid Align
  • Language support
  • Ensure that the right captions appear with the right media in the right language. Avid QC is the only file-based tool of its kind, enabling you to verify captions, languages, and video description. Based on patented phonetic technology, which compares captions to audio track dialogue to verify that they match exactly what words are spoken and when, Avid QC delivers unparalleled accuracy across a wide variety of media. It can also verify that the language in each audio track matches the intended language, independent of any metadata, and that video descriptions are present where intended.

  • Make sure all captions, languages, and video descriptions comply with the latest broadcast standards. Avid Comply integrates with leading broadcast compliance solutions, providing complete analysis and verification reporting in caption coverage and accuracy. This precise, scalable, and automated solution empowers program owners to verify that the captions and video description played live on-air meet FCC regulations. With the optional Avid Align module, you can go one step further and retime live-captioned content for reuse in IP and rebroadcast cases.

  • Avid Align is an optional add-on that works in conjunction with Avid QC or Avid Comply to automatically retime captions that are out of sync due to live captioning or framerate conversion issues. Avid Align automatically adjusts the timecodes in a caption file so that the captions are aligned with the spoken words, then returns a new, accurately-timed caption file that’s ready for distribution and playout.

  • Avid Illuminate caption verification and caption alignment features are based on a patented phonetic process that uses phonemes instead of words to enable better handling of proper names, slang, and individual accents. All Avid Illuminate modules currently support several languages for the closed captioning tests, with the ability to provide support for new languages on request.

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