Interplay | Assist


The powerful Interplay | Assist desktop video tool is a cost-effective way to put greater productivity into the hands of those who need to review and log video before it gets into the edit suite. Powerful for communicating, not just narrowing down, Interplay | Assist has high-speed features for adding locators, comments, annotations and custom alerts—so editors get the clips they need and the information they shouldn’t miss. Using ordinary desktops and laptops on the network, assistant editors, production assistants, producers, writers, post supervisors, directors, graphic artists, and other authorized team members can all contribute without tying up expensive systems.


Power Tools

Interplay | Assist plugs right into the video workflow to give you the highest performance and productivity. Don’t just scan raw footage. Play entire sequences while annotating in real time, scrub the timeline, zoom in on the timeline—all with unencumbered accuracy and responsiveness.

Streamline communications with on-the-fly annotations

Just type in comments as the video plays, or insert scene locators and create subclips from marked locations. Comments marked on a rough cut will appear frame-accurately when it’s opened in an editing system.

Make sure everyone knows their rights

Restrictions can be applied to licensed footage that needs to be flagged for rights or clearances—users will be notified each time this particular range of frames is used.

Use the right resources to log footage

Simplified for speed, accuracy, and the shortest possible learning curve. Users are productive in only minutes. Reduce errors and eliminate the expense of logging with sophisticated nonlinear editing systems.

Expand your search area for faster results

Expanded search capabilities include archived master clips or even specific frames. Find, create, and annotate new sequences using new and archived footage without switching between active and archived storage systems.

Find the right frames, fast

Zoom right in on Assist’s timeline to jump to the exact frame you need. Along with a dedicated pop-up window displaying updated thumbnails throughout the video you’re viewing, this gives you a uniquely powerful toolset to zero in quickly on the footage you’re looking for.

Shorten the time from rough cut to final version

Use Interplay | Assist to assemble a rough cut, shot list, or even a final story. Add additional notes and send the video to an Avid editing application as an approved sequence or even send it to air straight from shared storage.

Keep your archive alive

Easily review and update notes, comments, instructions, etc. for every clip, sequence, and shotlist going into archive. Active metadata helps others find material and perform archiving tasks more efficiently.

Make yourself clear with special markers

Save time and reduce errors with speed-logging markers: use restricted to flag usage restrictions; identify best picture or best sound; or create custom markers for specific project needs.

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