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Important: Please note that while Interplay | Capture will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Capture—a new integrated MediaCentral app that increases the speed and accuracy of media acquisition through advanced automated feed scheduling and control. Please check out the link to learn more or contact your account manager or reseller.


Reliably and accurately automate both scheduled and instant recordings

Maximizing your Interplay investment, Interplay | Capture is the only ingest tool that increases the speed and accuracy of media acquisition through advanced automated feed scheduling and control. It also provides coordinated management of high-resolution media ingest and simultaneous low-resolution proxy creation with AirSpeed servers.


  • Increased speed and accuracy
  • Reliability and efficiency
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automated workflow
  • Increased flexibility
  • Failover and redundancy
  • Interplay | Capture swiftly and accurately manages instant, scheduled, and recurring recordings, providing rapid access to the media and metadata. Through Interplay | Production tools, editors and journalists can begin working with the media as it is being ingested.

  • Optimizing the feed-ingest workflow, Interplay | Capture provides reliability and accuracy in automating scheduled recordings and triggering instant recordings. With multi-Interplay workgroup support, Interplay | Capture can schedule and control redundant ingest environments.

  • With a highly-configurable user interface, Interplay | Capture simplifies tracking of feeds, schedule creation, and monitoring. System diagnostics such as health alerts can also be displayed. Automated segmenting of longer recordings speeds access to material when fast editing of incoming media is required.

  • Interplay | Capture is the first step in the Avid end-to-end workflow. With native control of routers, AirSpeed, and industry-partner servers, Interplay | Capture optimizes workflows by providing comprehensive tools for feed scheduling and recording—taking the guesswork out of the equation.

  • Interplay | Capture provides all connected Interplay users quick access to media while it's being ingested. Interplay | Capture interfaces directly with the Interplay | Production database, allowing increased metadata management and media logging with Avid MediaCentral | UX.

  • To ensure feeds are captured accurately and completely, Interplay | Capture features dynamic channel allocation and failover within a channel pool. For added peace of mind, it can be installed in a redundant, hot-standby configuration.

System Requirements

Note: Interplay | Capture is offered only as turnkey system by Avid.

Management Server*

XEON L5518 Dual Quad Core 2.13 Ghz
 Memory 12GB RAM
 Hard Drive (2) 1TB Mirrored Hard Drives
 Input  (3) USB 2.0 Ports
 Operating System  Microsoft Server 2008R2 64 bit
 Timecode Cards Adrienne Timecode Card
 Serial Control AccelePort Xr Universal PCI (3.3V & 5V) 8-port RS-422 w/ DB-25M cable

Note: The Client Workstation(s) will be supplied by the customer.

Client Workstation

 CPU 2Ghz Intel Processor
 Memory 3.0 GB SDRAM 
 Hard Drive  80 GB Hard Drive
 Operating System  Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
 Input  DVD/RW Drive
 Keyboard/Mouse  104 keyboard/Microsoft Compatible Mouse


Visit the Avid Knowledge Base for documentation, compatibility info, user guides, and more.


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