Produce meaningful content quickly

Boost your efficiency

To keep fans engaged, you’ve got to present relevant, timely data that corresponds to the gameplay at hand. With Maestro | Live, you can produce and playout stunning action-based, data-driven, real-time 3D graphics, sports enhancements, and video with unmatched speed and ease. All from a single cost-effective solution that streamlines your entire live sports workflow. In fact, it’s so easy to use, a single operator can control your whole show from one interface.

Work easier with a smart UI

Maestro | Live comes with a ready-to-use interface to help get you started on covering any major sporting event. Its groundbreaking design features a responsive UI that updates dynamically according to the game’s progress, making it easy to manage volumes of incoming data, respond to the action as it happens, and populate the most meaningful info quickly. You can also modify, customize, or create your own UI for any sports, production, or operational need so you can jump into the next production without wasting time.

Cover any sport, anywhere

Thanks to its smart UI, you can easily customize the Maestro | Live interface to scale to any type of sports production—whether you’re covering major league teams, college games, or your local rubber duck derby. The system’s compact design also enables you to set up operation practically anywhere—in a studio, a booth at the game, or in an OB van. Plus, you get the same intuitive operation, whether you access the interface using a desktop computer, laptop, or touchscreen device.

Present data-driven graphics

When it comes to sports, being able to present up-to-the-second accurate and relevant info is critical. Maestro | Live easily connects to real-time sports data feeds—including STATS, Opta, Sportradar, and others—as well as to any scoreboard and clock protocol within the venue. All without programming or scripting. You can then connect data to any graphic with a simple drag and drop. It also supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Excel, Microsoft Access, Text, and XML.

Increase production value

With real-time graphics and video playout capabilities in one, you can produce more compelling, richly dynamic content than your standard graphics system alone. Present a basketball player’s dunk stats in a graphic framing a highlight reel of all his dunks in the season. Display team lineups with video of each player next to their name. And insert wipes and transitions for dramatic effect or to bring context to how your story elements connect.

Update graphics on the fly

Once connected to a real-time database, Maestro | Live can automatically populate any Maestro | Designer-created graphic with the latest game, team, and player information and images. Even new stats and lineup changes will automatically update as soon as the data is available, minimizing potential on-air mistakes in today’s dynamic and demanding live sports production. You can even preview data before it goes to air to make sure there aren’t any errors.

Add sports enhancements

Maestro | Live now enables a single operator to present both tracked-to-the-field sports enhancements and on-air graphics from the same UI. It features a sports-dedicated chroma key that can distinguish between different lighting conditions on the field and different shades of jerseys that might be similar in color to the pitch. So you can rest assured that your graphics are presented accurately—from first down lines and player tracking, to virtual ads.

Run your show your way

Present content across multiple platforms

Maestro | Live gives you the flexibility to present and route content the way you want. With up to 16 output channels available, you can produce and playout content to multiple feeds and for multiple purposes, such as for social media and digital platforms. For example, you can send your main feed to air, a different graphics layer to your digital media, and an animated background across your studio’s video walls.

Get flexible operation

Maestro | Live is incredibly flexible. You can choose to run your entire show with just a single operator. Or if you need more support to handle different facets of a larger, more complex production, you can divide tasks between two or three operators and UIs, all controlling the same Maestro | Live system.

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