MediaCentral | Ingest


Orchestrate your file-based workflow

Greatly speed up file-based workflows with this MediaCentral service. Ideal for unscripted television, post production, and broadcast environments, MediaCentral | Ingest provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools to orchestrate the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, enabling you to start editing immediately. Ingest up to seven file-based sources concurrently from any MediaCentral client to Avid NEXIS storage. And trigger media playback remotely to accelerate project turnaround.


  • Accelerate turnaround time
    Prepping a day’s worth of shot footage is labor-intensive. MediaCentral | Ingest can automatically park, check in, link to, and transcode material ultra-quick, so you can access footage faster. It works with most AMA-supported file-based media formats when connected to Avid NEXIS or third-party storage. And it uniquely accelerates AMA workflows, providing instant high-res access to static (non-growing) source media when using Media Composer | Ultimate or MediaCentral | Transcode.
  • Work with files as they’re ingested

    Dealing with incoming media from a video server or other source? MediaCentral | Ingest can read growing OP1a files and immediately send them to your MediaCentral workgroup as “Edit While Capture” (EWC) clips. This enables you to log, shotlist, and edit the growing clip in Media Composer | Ultimate or the MediaCentral | Edit app as it continues to transcode. In whatever format works best for you.

  • Customize your workflow
    MediaCentral | Ingest comes with predefined orchestration scenarios to get you up and running. But its interface is also entirely configurable, enabling you to create customized profiles using the Profile Builder to add interface elements and set rules for specific workflows and needs. Orchestrate the entire ingest process—from embedding metadata and transcoding, to conforming an edited sequence to its parked native source material for final finishing.
  • Lower production costs
    MediaCentral | Ingest eliminates the need to employ teams of media wranglers to handle overnight media prep and transcoding. Instead, you can let the app swiftly handle the process of ingesting all file-based media into production and nearline storage for you.
  • Automate clip naming
    Finding clips can be time-consuming if you don’t give them proper names. MediaCentral | Ingest makes the process easy. Just set the Profile Builder to automatically name clips and the folders in which they’re stored, so your team has a clearer understanding of the footage available. You can generate names from clip names, camera metadata, volume names, dates, time stamps, and more. If you always use the same naming scheme in your workflow, simply set it and forget it.
  • Get extensive format flexibility
    MediaCentral | Ingest supports a broad range of file formats and codecs, including Panasonic AVC-LongG and Sony XAVC-I and XAVC-L MPEG-4 broadcast formats. It can also create a choice of proxy formats for them on the fly. Even better—our flexible Avid DNxHR encoding format extends your creative freedom even further with support for new higher quality options, including UHD/4K rasters, extended bit depth, wide color gamut, and high dynamic range information.
  • Facilitate multisite media playback

    With Remote STP (Send to Playback), you can trigger media playback remotely to optimize system utilization across multiple locations, increasing efficiency while reducing operating costs. For example, you can send finished sequences from MediaCentral in one location to an AirSpeed | 5500 server for playback in another, and get status feedback as if you were transferring the content locally.

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