JUNE 26, 2023

Ingest/playout server offers speed, feeds and sustainability

FastServe ingest and playout server

When it comes to talking about video servers, usually articles like this would focus on the codecs they support, the workflows they enable or the integration with the wider production ecosystem in place. All of these areas are critically important, of course, and Avid’s newest hardware for their FastServe line of ingest and playout servers meets the high expectations of the industry.

But the introduction of the FastServe G2 hardware is about much more than speeds and feeds – as some in the industry like to say; it is also about environmental sustainability.

Avid sustainability report

Avid takes its responsibilities in this area quite seriously, conscious as we all are of the growing awareness within the industry of the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. In 2022, we published our first ever Sustainability Report and this is a key imperative for the company going forward.

The report highlighted Avid’s support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including particular focus on Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, and Industry Innovation and Infrastructure. These initiatives include pledging to reduce waste and working with our suppliers to ensure good environmental and social practices.

Organizations within the media industry, such as We are Albert – part of BAFTA in the United Kingdom – have been at the forefront of initiatives to assist productions in reducing their carbon footprint, a topic covered in this Making the Media Podcast. In a recent report, they highlighted actions which organizations can take to make their productions sustainable.

  • Start in preproduction
  • Use low carbon fuels
  • Use tech hacks
  • Reuse, renew, recycle
  • Learn from others

You can read their full report here

But hang on, are we not talking here about video servers, you know, those boxes that take in feeds or play them out in some studio? What has that got to do with the environment?

Here’s how the two are connected. The new hardware which is now being used for FastServe | Ingest, FastServe | I/O and FastServe | Playout is significant not just for the workflows it enables, but also for how it will help customers achieve their environmental goals.

FastServe Video Servers

The G2 hardware is almost a third lighter than the previous version (38kg down to 21.5kg). It is shorter, making it easier to rack or to use in Outside Broadcast (OB) vans. Both are easier to transport and move if required. Solid state discs have replaced spinning disks in the units, improving resiliency and performance. Crucially, the power consumption of each unit has also been significantly reduced – from 1100w down to 800w. These attributes contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint of broadcasters and facilities across the world.

This change has been achieved without compromising the product quality of the FastServe family, or removing any supported codecs, formats or workflows. Plus, with the addition of updated software, Avid will soon bring new features to the products.

Avid remains committed to environmental sustainability not only in the FastServe G2 ingest and playout server but in all of our products. The industry expects it, and Avid continues to take action to be responsive and responsible for the betterment of all.

FastServe supported codec and formats

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