AUGUST 20, 2021

Is your production going green yet?

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Production teams and newsrooms are being urged to think of their carbon footprint as well as the stories they are telling, in the latest episode of the Making the Media Podcast.

The episode “Going Green” explores the efforts being made in the UK to help producers reduce emissions, cut plastic and waste but maintain the highest program making standards.

Jo Finon, Manager of Responsible Productions at Sky Sports, and Katy Murdoch, Operations and Training Manager at BAFTA albert join host Craig Wilson to talk about the practical initiatives being put in place.

Jo says it is crucial everyone gets involved, “We've got representatives across the operational department and editorial, so that people within each department have got a spokesperson. They've got an ‘in’ to me, so that we are all thinking about this. This is everyone's responsibility to actually think about how we can improve things and what could be our next green solution for whatever the issue is. “

Earlier this year, BAFTA albert launched a news consortium to raise awareness within the industry of the issue of climate change. While news is regarded as a very efficient medium in terms of its carbon footprint, issues around travel remain.

But Katy tells Craig of her concern for the broadcast industry more widely unless more work is done, “I worry for our industry. That we're going to hemorrhage young audiences if we don't start putting the climate into all sorts of stories because this is what they really care about.”

Find out more on the next episode of the Making the Media podcast, releasing on Monday, August 23.


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