JULY 10, 2023

Making the Media S3E20: Remote Control

Making the Media S3E20, guest Ed Bengoa

The value of mentoring and encouraging staff to continually learn and develop their skills cannot be underestimated, particularly with the advent of remote working in the post-production industry.

In the final episode of season three of the podcast, host Craig Wilson talks with Ed Bengoa, director of post production at ITN in the UK, about the challenges and benefits posed by the advent of remote working procedures.

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Listen to Hear:

  • Where remote working works (and where it does not)
  • The value of mentoring—to both the mentor and the mentee
  • Why lifelong learning is crucial to retain and develop staff

Our Guest This Episode

Ed Bengoa
Director of Post Production

Ed is currently the Director of Post Production at the UK-based news and content producer ITN, where she has worked since 2021. Prior to this Ed was the Head of Post Production at MSV Post, part of the Tinopolis group of companies and also has experience working as the Facilities Manager with Directors Cut Films. Audio was her first love, and she spent nine years working with BBC Studioworks in a variety of audio-related roles. Prior to this, she worked as a dubbing editor at the leading post-production house, Molinare.

Even if you don't want to move from one thing to another, just experiencing something else does give you a better understanding of what you're doing day-to-day as well. So all that cross pollination I think is always positive

Ed Bengoa, ITN Director of Post Production

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    Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry, ranging from workflow transformation of national broadcasters to large-scale sports events. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Media & Cloud Product Evangelist.

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