MARCH 14, 2022

How Content from Anywhere is Changing Broadcasting

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Today’s newsrooms are facing unprecedented challenges. While newsroom workflows are always in a state of flux, competing to adapt to new and emerging technology and storytelling practices, the COVID-19 pandemic took one aspect of the evolution in an unexpected direction. Faced with social distancing mandates, many newsrooms instructed staff to work from home.

The sudden emphasis on remote working put a spotlight on the newsroom’s need to enable production to take place from anywhere. As newsrooms began leveraging technology like mobile devices, news apps, video streaming platforms, and virtual private networks (VPNs ), opportunities arose with the breaking down of geographic limitations. And from this shift, unanticipated benefits began to emerge that span everything, from newsgathering and storytelling to hiring and staff wellbeing.

But can the benefits impact your bottom line? And can a “content from anywhere” workflow change broadcasting altogether for the better?

Find these answers and more in our new eBook—How Content from Anywhere Is Changing Broadcasting. This book examines the impact decentralized production is having on modern broadcast news, as well as all the new possibilities it invites.

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