JULY 7, 2022

See What's new in Media Composer 2022.7

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With summer upon us (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), we’re heating things up with a sunny new set of Media Composer enhancements to brighten your day, including improvements to the user interface and Avid Titler+, and even some added customization for those coming from other NLEs. Here’s a closer look at what’s new in Media Composer 2022.7.

Create custom workspaces for multiple monitor configurations

Customizing your Media Composer Workspaces is a great way to create a user experience designed the way that you like to lay out your interface. Maybe your workstation is set up with a single display—especially if you’re working on a laptop—and you may have two or three displays you can connect to, providing a large set of real estate for your bins and toolsets. If you change the configuration of your displays, you want your workspaces to remember the position of your windows and tools.

With Media Composer 2022.7, the software will now recognize the monitor count and configuration in use and embed the parameters within the Workspace settings. This gives you the ability to create more than one predefined workspace (Edit, Effects, Color, and Audio), as well as custom workspaces with the monitor configuration embedded, so you can start working right away when changing monitor configurations instead of having to manually rearrange your interface layout each time.


Upon launch, Media Composer detects the updated monitor configuration. You can either update to a workspace matching the current configuration or continue running with the same workspace.


This feature is highly customizable; with Media Composer running, you can choose the preferred behaviour when switching between configurations and save it as an Interface setting.

Justify text relative to an anchor point in Avid Titler+

Along with providing better performance and control, we’ve made improvements to the Avid Titler+ tool. When creating titles, you will now see an anchor point on each text box and shape you add. This anchor point is set according to the justification of the text by default. If your text justification is set to “Horizontal Justify Left,” the anchor point will be positioned at the bottom-left corner of the layer (as denoted by the bounding box). When toggling between justifications (left, center, right), the text will shift accordingly around this same anchor point.



If you prefer to have a different anchor point than what is set by default, you can manually move the anchor point to a desired position to set the text box or shape layer for rotation.

Display timeline clip notes for nested clips

Creating multilayered effects within a clip in your sequence can produce some amazing results, but there may be a specific note that needs to be added to the nested effect or layer to communicate a comment or note.

With Media Composer 2022.7, you can step into your nested effects and add timeline clip notes that will be seen on the nested clips.

_5_Timeline Clips Notes

Interact with “enablers” more easily

We constantly make updates to improve the editor experience within Media Composer. In this latest release, all “enablers,” which are used to toggle a clip’s or track’s parameters on or off, have been updated with a new overall appearance and consistent size in the Effect Editor, Color Correction toolset, and Avid Titler+ mini menu. This improved design not only makes enablers easier to toggle, but it also eliminates spacing issues with other interface elements.

Effect Editor


Avid Titler+


Color Correction (seen in all versions of Media Composer—Symphony option shown below)


Select Filler with Segment Tools faster with a simple keystroke

To select filler or not select filler… that is the question. Or maybe the question is, how many steps do you need to take to choose the filler or blank space in your timeline?

You can still choose to enable or disable the select filler function with the Segment Tool from the Timeline Settings. Or a faster way to perform this it to right-click in the timeline and enable “Select Filler with Segment Tools.”

But the fastest way to perform this is to map the new “Select Filler with Segment Tools” option in the Timeline menu to a keystroke.

In the Timeline settings:

_9_Select Filler in Timeline Settings

Right-click in the timeline:

10_Select Filler in Timeline Right Click

In the Timeline menu, map it to a keystroke:

11_Select Filler Map to keystroke

Get new Match Frame results for group and multigroup subclips

Editing a multicam sequence in Media Composer has always been a popular feature for sitcoms, interviews, concerts, and sports, and extremely powerful when editing reality television shows.

Until today, performing a Match Frame on a subclip of a group or multigroup would load the group or multigroup clip. But in Media Composer 2022.7, performing Match Frame on a subclip of a group or multigroup will now load the original subclip of the group or multigroup will now load the original subclip of the group or multigroup*.

12_MatchFrame SubGroup v2

* Please note that this feature only works on group subclips created with Media Composer 2022.7 and later.


Work with new keyboard mapping options from Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve

We’re aware that there are editors who may be moving from other non-linear editing systems to Media Composer. To help make the transition easier, you can now activate your keyboard mapping to be set to the default keyboards for Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve.

13_PP Keyboard

14_Resolve Keyboard

These new options can be accessed through the keyboard preferences in your User Settings, enabling you to select the desired keyboard for the software you’re most familiar with.

15_Keyboard Settings


Media Composer 2022.7 is now available as a free update to all current Media Composer subscribers, as well as perpetual license owners with an active Software Updates + Support Plan. Got an old Media Composer perpetual license? Check out your upgrade options here to get current. And if you don’t have Media Composer, subscribe or give it a try now!

Thank you for your time and talent and see you again soon!

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