For small local news bureaus, enterprise-level news networks, and everything in between, Avid and MediaCentral tools provide the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for news production, covering everything from information gathering and content creation all the way to delivery.

Avid provides all of the workflow capabilities—seamlessly integrated together—to give news teams the collaboration, workflow efficiency, and speed required to break news across every audience channel, from any device.


Customer Story

Global News Demand Gen 1

How Avid Graphics are helping Global News

Customer Story

WPLG Demand Gen 2

Miami's WPLG gets a news workflow makeover


MediaCentral Tutorial Demand Gen 3

Navigating MediaCentral

Meeting the challenge

Delivering engaging content is key to keeping audiences tuned in. With MediaCentral, you can keep your team focused on quickly creating and delivering compelling stories across multiple platforms. Whether your team works on a global, national, governmental, or local level, you can:

  • Streamline your workflow by gathering info, editing footage, and creating and publishing content for multiple platforms from a single interface
  • Ensure your production stands apart by creating professional-quality news packages with stunning graphics
  • Beat the competition and break stories faster with near-instantaneous ingest-to-playback turnaround
  • Unify dispersed news teams by enabling real-time story collaboration from anywhere
  • Break news across multiple screens and push past the noise of competing content
  • Speed up news production by easily accessing media with our secure, software-defined storage
  • Meet any budget by scaling production, storage, and delivery needs to your unique requirements

How it works


Integrated hardware & software


Serveurs vidéo multicanal qui fournissent des délais d'acquisition/diffusion quasi instantanés

Création graphique

Gamme d'outils complète pour créer et améliorer les présentations des news et en studio

Gestion de la salle de rédaction

Outils de production multimédia et d'automatisation professionnels pour les journalistes et producteurs

Gestion des assets

Systèmes et options pour organiser, suivre et optimiser la valeur de vos fichiers multimédia

Plate-forme MediaCentral Platform

Accélérez les workflows et les accès aux médias en utilisant une collection de modules de workflow, applications, services, etvolets au sein d'une seule interface


Systèmes de stockage partagés et intermédiaires éprouvés pour workflows audio et vidéo

Vidéo (NLE)

Logiciels et matériels professionnels pour le montage vidéo


Packages de solutions de broadcast locales et régionales

Tirez parti des solutions de workflow de broadcast grâce à nos packages pour le moins rentables.

Plus de détails

FastServe Bundles

Enhance news, sports, and other live broadcasts and be the first to air with cost-effective bundles

Get the details


WGBH Gets a Makeover

See why Boston's public broadcaster chose MediaCentral to streamline workflows

News Production Blogs

Learn about the hot topics in news production


See what you can accomplish with MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral Datasheet

Create better content faster, deliver to more outlets and devices, and maximize your media's value


Avid’s Game-changing Integrated Graphics Solutions Streamline Sports Production for Fenerbahçe Sports Club

The driving point of the upgrade was to move to HD but, in doing so, we also wanted to achieve a workflow that was more creative, more efficient and easier to use.


Read the story

Quincy Main Image 1862x1040

Quincy Media Turns to Avid to Accelerate News Creation and Maximize the Value of Assets

When you combine the capacity to be autonomous in the field, leveraging the ability to create scripts in iNEWS, the ability to deliver stories in iNEWS from the field, and the ability to edit anywhere, with the technology to be able to transfer video and go live, you’ve got a game changer.


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WPLG Control Room 1862x1040

Miami’s WPLG Gets a News Workflow Makeover with New Collaboration and Virtualization

Avid’s offerings give us the seamless two-way flow we need between the newsroom and crews in the field—the ability for crews in the field to access tools at the studio, for the studio to push content to crews in the field, and for crews in the field to select content and pull it to themselves.


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