Avid Certified System Administrator: iNEWS

The Avid Certified System Administrator: iNEWS certification is designed for individuals working in a news environment, typically in an IT, engineering, or support role for news operations. Whether you’re interested in becoming certified yourself, or want to qualify your employees, this certification provides validation of the proficiency to administrate Avid iNEWS systems.

Those wanting to become an Avid Certified System Administrator for iNEWS must possess an understanding of how Avid iNEWS fits into the newsroom environment. The certification exam covers iNEWS software and configuration, iNEWS database structure, integration with other production tools such as iNEWS | Command and third-party solutions, user accounts and security, customization, printing, system maintenance, troubleshooting, and system recovery.



Attainment of Avid Certified System Administrator certification status provides an individual

  • Recognition of system management skills and an opportunity to distinguish themselves professionally and advance their career
  • A certification logo to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization
  • Entry in Avid's Certification Registry accessible via the Find a Certified Professional online listing, as well as a Certificate of Achievement

For business managers, certification offers an objective measure of an employee’s ability to manage an Avid iNEWS system and that they have the skills to fully harness the functionality and benefits that Avid iNEWS provides. Hire with confidence by hiring Avid Certified.


What do I have to do to be certified?

Certification is granted solely based on passing the Avid Certified System Administrator: iNEWS certification exam. Course attendance is optional, though highly recommended.

How do I prepare to take the certification?

To help prepare candidates for certification, Avid Education offers the class iNEWS System Administration (IN300). This course is highly recommended for anyone pursuing certification as it offers hands-on training in the full range of skills to administrate an iNEWS system.

While not required for certification, this class, with its hands-on exercises, offers the in-depth training and practical experience required to build your skills in preparation for certification. The class is highly recommended for all candidates, especially those with less than a minimum of 1-year experience managing an Avid iNEWS system full time.

The class An Introduction to iNEWS (IN101) provides the foundational skills if completely new to using Avid iNEWS, as well as the knowledge to become an Avid Certified User: iNEWS.

Is there any information about what is covered in the exam?

A certification exam study guide is available. For more information on what’s covered in the exam and to help you assess your own readiness to sit the exam, please download the Avid Certified System Administrator: iNEWS Exam Study Guide.

Where can I take the exam?

The exam is offered at selected Avid offices and Avid Learning Partners. Contact your local Avid Education team for details on exam locations and schedules.

How much does certification cost?

All prices, including the cost of the exam and the recommended courses, are set according to currency values in specific countries and regions. Contact your local Avid Education team for details.

What do I have to do to maintain certification?

The Avid Certified System Administrator: iNEWS certification is version specific; once you have achieved certification status, you are not required to re-certify to maintain your certification for that version of the Avid iNEWS. However, as new versions are released, we recommend that you update and re-certify your capabilities for each version by taking and successfully completing the latest exam to show that your skills are current.


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