VE110S6L Avid VENUE Fundamentals


Suggested length: 8 hours


The VE110S6L Avid VENUE Fundamentals course provides an operational overview for users of the Avid VENUE | S6L system. Students will learn to configure systems, set up show files, navigate the work surface and touch screens, use the record/playback functionality with Pro Tools and learn other tips essential for use in a live sound environment. This course is accompanied by both VENUE show files and Pro Tools sessions to lead students through hands-on classroom exercises that simulate what a live sound engineer would encounter in a live sound environment.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to take the exam to achieve certification as an Avid Certified User: Avid VENUE | S6L. Participants interested in pursuing Avid Certified Professional: Avid VENUE | S6L certification can continue to the VE210S6L Avid VENUE Production course.


This course is designed for students and Live Sound Engineers with limited experience using an Avid VENUE | S6L system.


Completion of the following courses, or equivalent experience is recommended:


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the components and options of the S6L system
  • Use the Avid VENUE | S6L software
  • Operate an Avid VENUE | S6L control surface
  • Enable Built-in effects processing
  • Understand AAX DSP plugins and Avid VENUE | S6L
  • Mix with Avid VENUE | S6L
  • Connect Avid VENUE | S6L and Pro Tools
  • Be ready to take the Avid Certified User: Avid VENUE | S6L exam

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