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Punchy Retro Drums

Maximum retro futurism for digital drums: Everyone knows and loves the vibe of science fiction and horror movies from the 1980s. VICE delivers the perfect drum tracks for music that captures the sci-fi atmosphere. But it’s not only a flash from the past! It’s the aesthetics of a golden era, revived with today’s top notch sound quality. The 1980s are back in mainstream music, particularly Synthwave–bigger and better than before! Take the fastlane to top chart positions with Beatmaker VICE.

Which sounds pop into your head when you think of the 1980s? Cheesy pop music with big synths, punchy digital drums and lots of gated reverb? Recently those sounds have been re-invigorated by 2010s producers and turned into genres like Synthwave, Retrowave, or Futuresynth. These EDM genres are influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games. Inspired by composers like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Trevor Horn, they contain 1980s clichéd elements such as electronic drums, gated reverb, and analog and early-digital synthesizer sounds. VICE delivers exactly these drum parts you need to create anything from authentic ‘80s to Synthwave.

VICE turns your drum programming into an ultra-modern adventure with a retro touch. Inspired by some of the most legendary classic drum machines from companies like Linn, Roland, Simmons or Korg, VICE feels a bit like a time-machine.

This virtual drum machine is suitable for 80s veterans and aspiring Insta-producers alike. VICE’s transparent interface turns your tracks into cheesy pop music in a glimpse. Easy macro controls and no hidden menus; everything is clearly laid out for you!

System Requirement
Windows 8 and later
Mac OS 10.11.x and later
Pro Tools
Pro Tools 12.x and later
Copy Protection
Serial Numbers
64 bit only
AAX Native


  • Drum kits built from legendary analog drum machines
  • Frustration-free design
  • 10 separate kits, 12 smart-mix presets and a built-in FX
  • Multiple Audio Outputs
  • Individual instrument controls
  • Legit 1980s vibes
  • Pristine 21st century sound
  • MIDI Drag and Drop to DAW
  • Lets you control the speed and timing of your beats
  • 30 Styles
  • Proprietary Time Machine algorithm
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