Reformer Pro


Design, automate and perform any sound in real-time, like never before

Whether you already hear the sound in your mind, or you’re looking to experiment and search for the never-before-heard, Reformer Pro gives you powerful sonic tools to bring your sound to life. Reformer Pro utilizes the world’s first Dynamic Input technology, taking procedural, sample-based audio processing to new heights and into previously unexplored territory.


  • Turn your sound libraries into a performable sound palette
    • Switch between an audio input and Dynamic Input for different ways of interacting with your own libraries
    • Use a microphone, automation or midi to control your libraries
    • Perform impacts and add extra definition using our unique Transient Engine
    • Trigger transients directly, based on frequency via velocity-sensitive midi input
    • Add variation quickly and easily
  • Use high-quality libraries
    • Reformer Pro ships with a fantastic Krotos Bundle, that’s over 3.8 GB of high-fidelity sounds waiting for you at start-up
    • Libraries include: Bengal Tiger, Electronic, Leather Foley, Fruit & Veg Collection, Gun Foley and more
    • Looking for even more variety—all Reformer libraries are compatible with Reformer Pro
  • Blend and control up to four libraries in real-time with the X/Y pad
    • Perform to picture in real-time and achieve seamlessly synced, sculpted results
    • Render single shots or set up automation to create audio that evolves with your scene
  • Set individual parameters for each library
    • Choose response times for each library using the parameter bar
    • Tweak playback speed and volume to refine results
    • Select or mute any sound within any Library
  • Perform sound libraries like instruments in real-time
    • Analyse your own libraries, packs, and collections for use in Reformer Pro with our Analysis Tool
    • Include up to 1 GB of samples in every Reformer Pro library that you create
    • Draw from a broad and diverse library or aim for consistency and focus with micro libraries
    • Analyse at the sample rate that’s ideal for you
  • Replace or add texture to pre-recorded audio in your DAQ
    • Create constantly evolving sounds using ‘continuous mode’—perfect for environmental effects or electronic textures
    • Combine with Extended Library View for a comprehensive range of results from a single library

System requirements

Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.7.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools 12.x and later
Max Sample Rate 192 kHz


AAX Native

この製品は、指定された Avid 製品およびオペレーティング システムの現在のバージョンに対するサポートのために販売者によってテストされました。旧システムに関連する互換性の質問については、販売者にお問い合わせください。