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Pro Tools makes music creation fast and fluid, providing many of the same tools the pros use to create your favorite beats and songs. From non-linear clip launching with Pro Tools Sketch to world-class editing and mixing workflows, Pro Tools streamlined workflows keep pace with the needs of modern creators all over the world. 


Record, shape, fix, chop, and tweak audio and MIDI the way you want—even without stopping playback—with the world’s most flexible audio editing features.

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Deliver any size mix with glorious precision and ease. Automate key elements of a mix, work fast with a dedicated mix window, and sound great doing it, whether you're working in a mono or immersive.

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Sonic Drop

Exclusive sound packs every month.
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Inner Circle

New industry-leading plugins every 2 months.
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Avid Play

Distribute your first track free to every streaming service.

Pro Tools Intro

8 audio, 8 MIDI tracks and 30+ effects to get started with Pro Tools—for free.
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Pro Tools Artist

32 audio and 32 MIDI tracks with 75+ effects and instruments, Sonic Drop, and more.
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Pro Tools Studio

500+ audio and MIDI tracks with 100+ effects and instruments, Sonic Drop, and more.
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Pro Tools is the most flexible audio production software for producing audio, providing a complete set of tools to create, record, edit, and mix.

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