Simplify workflows with Avid's streamlined, single video ingest and playout solution that meets the requirements of the most demanding productions. Available through subscription for deployment on premises or in the cloud, Avid | Stream IO delivers two, four, or eight channels of ingest and playout for the most commonly used production formats, easily fitting into news, sports, live entertainment, and media production environments.

Supports any ingest and playout combination

Freely define ingest and playout channel configurations to map to your production requirements. Gain flexibility in channels and formats supported for input/output, now all the way to UHD.

Customize your use

Increase ingest and playout efficiency with options tailored to meet your specific production needs by combining different ingest sources in a single solution. With capabilities to build playlists and with closed caption support, it is ideal for news, sports, live entertainment, and multi-camera productions.

Ensure fast turnaround

It’s easy to introduce Avid | Stream IO to the overall production workflow. Maximize your news, sports, and live entertainment workflows with tight integration with the familiar MediaCentral ecosystem (including support for MediaCentral | Capture, MediaCentral | Acquire, MediaCentral | Command) as well as generic storage with OP1a support.

Stay within budget

Make your expenses predictable with a software-only subscription that offers regular software updates and with the flexibility to purchase your own hardware. No added tools needed means no other expenses and further boosting financial efficiency.

Expand cloud and hybrid options

Strengthen hybrid and multi-destination workflows by deploying on customer off-the-shelf certified hardware for on-premises studio environment or on a standard instance for cloud deployment.
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